We are convinced more than ever that Houston needs an Impact Hub, a mini-townhall where we can bring people to the table and have difficult conversations. We need a safe place that bridges grassroot ideas and organizations from the bottom up to organizations and influencers with resources who are trying to do good from the top down. We want a place to capture the history while also celebrating the milestones of progress of our city.

  • Who or what organizations or companies would be our most unlikely of Unlikely Allies in Houston?
  • Who are the marginalized or the shunned in our community whose voice needs to be amplified?
  • Who do we need to bring to the same table? How do we do it thoughtfully?


We are officially Impact Hub Candidates!

This means that over a 6 month period, we will need to prove that our vision is feasible and that we have what it really takes to bring an Impact Hub to Houston.


There are a few things we would love to share with the Houston Community.

1 –Team intro video

2 – Website under construction!

3 – Community Spotlight: Everyday Strangers: International Series by Alonzo Williams Jr.



Impact Hub Candidate

We envision Impact Hub to be the community for changemakers in Houston. We believe those that are willing to dream, dare and have a heart for a better Houston need a home. When someone moves to Houston for the first time or has an idea they want to cultivate or is ready to grow his/her business, they come to Impact Hub… their community. We want Impact Houston to excite people out of their homes and coffee shops and come to a common place to be part of a bigger purpose. Our space will let our community know that having fun is important.