We want to be a part of bringing people together and shifting the perspectives and mentalities of Houstonians about business. We get excited about a space that exists to break down cultural, economic, and social barriers. This is an important and challenging task in a place like Houston, and we’re excited to be pulled by our community!

Impact Hub is inspirational to us because every community has different needs and evolves in different ways. No Impact Hub is the same and yet they are. We are inspired by the wide spectrum of entrepreneurs and small business that Impact Hub attracts as well as the variety of knowledge and skills possessed by its members. We believe that Houston is ready and needs Impact Hub here!

Houston needs an Impact Hub in a very different way from most cities. Houston has a lot of barriers to being a progressive city. We are the oil and gas capital of the United States in one of the most conservative states. We have been one of the unhealthiest cities in the U.S. for more than a decade. Houston is the most diverse city which can be our greatest asset; however, segregation and isolation due to the cities infrastructure can cause more damage than good. We are also one of the youngest major cities and the energy of our youth is growing but often without direction.

We’ve seen a lot of our friends and key people in the community leave because they do not feel like they have a supportive ecosystem. We predict that having an Impact Hub in Houston will keep people connected here and also attract our most talented Houstonians to come back.

And there are people in this city who are doing good work to help tackle these problems. But they work in isolated areas throughout the city and don’t know about each other. Our vision for Impact Hub Houston is to get people out of their isolation and into a collaborative space – a place where changemakers can call home.

Having an Impact Hub in Houston would be a statement to both Houstonians and outsiders that there are people doing great work here and this is their home. It’s a statement of hope for a better community. It’s a statement for the changemakers to come join us and to help build this community.



Impact Hub Candidate

We envision Impact Hub to be the community for changemakers in Houston. We believe those that are willing to dream, dare and have a heart for a better Houston need a home. When someone moves to Houston for the first time or has an idea they want to cultivate or is ready to grow his/her business, they come to Impact Hub… their community. We want Impact Houston to excite people out of their homes and coffee shops and come to a common place to be part of a bigger purpose. Our space will let our community know that having fun is important.