Hello and welcome!

We are hard at work building a new Impact Hub in Houston, TX.

We’ve recently reached the status of Impact Hub Candidate, which means we are well underway but still have a lot to do! It’s an exciting adventure which we are proud to be part of.

If you’d like to get in touch with our founding team directly, please contact:

  • {Natasha Azizi, natashaazizi@candidate.impacthub.net}
  • {Ed Chao, edchao@candidate.impacthub.net}

Please check back here regularly to keep track of our progress. You may also follow us on {Facebook, Twitter, Google+}.

You may also want to check out the Impact Hub’s global website at www.impacthub.net, and subscribe to the Impact Hub Global newsletter to stay up to date with Impact Hub related news and content from the Social Enterprise scene!

Wishing you a wonderful day and lots of Hub,

Your Impact Hub team in Houston.



Impact Hub Candidate

We envision Impact Hub to be the community for changemakers in Houston. We believe those that are willing to dream, dare and have a heart for a better Houston need a home. When someone moves to Houston for the first time or has an idea they want to cultivate or is ready to grow his/her business, they come to Impact Hub… their community. We want Impact Houston to excite people out of their homes and coffee shops and come to a common place to be part of a bigger purpose. Our space will let our community know that having fun is important.