We believe Houston can be a role model for how the world solves its most pressing issues.

Impact Hub Houston is a locally rooted, globally connected, 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to inspire, connect, and empower people solving social problems in our city and around the world. People like you!

What Drives Us

We are at a pivotal moment. We want to make Houston a leader not just in diversity, but in inclusion. In equity. In education. In sustainability. In wellness. We want Greater Houston to be more than resilient: We want it to thrive.
We know you want that, too.

You care about your community. You want to create positive impact for it. You have some ideas, but need help thinking them through. Or you have a solution you’re working on, but you need help taking it to the next level.

We want to help you level up. Let’s get you the knowledge, skills, and network to deliver that impact at scale. Apply for one of our Impact Acceleration programs. Together, we can go farther, faster!

We design inclusive places, platforms, partnerships and programs to build an equitable ecosystem that helps diverse changemakers and social entrepreneurs create the impact they wish to see in the world.

Our “Emprende Impacto” pre-accelerator program helps Houston’s Hispanic/Latinx idea-stage entrepreneurs.

We provide bilingual and culturally competent entrepreneurship education and startup training to help Spanish-speaking and English-reading entrepreneurs grow their businesses, create new jobs, and launch new paths to generational wealth.

Our FF-START bootcamps help Female Founders prepare their startups for growth and funding:

Our intensive, immersive FF-START bootcamps help women entrepreneurs at idea- and early-stage systematically validate their business model, gain a deeper understanding of the fundraising process, and get themselves pitch-ready and their venture investor-ready.

Our YEP Youth Entrepreneurship Program empowers diverse students with design thinking, team building, and creative problem-solving skills!

Our intensive, immersive YEP camps use project-based learning to help youth entrepreneurs practice active listening, critical thinking, and collaboration skills to create practical solutions to real-world problems in their communities.

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