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Jul 17
Open Project Night @ Impact Hub Houston
808 Travis St ste 102 - 808 Travis Street #ste 102, Houston, TX 77002



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Equity Crowdfunding Bootcamp (4 weeks)

July 25 @ 11:00 - 13:00 CDT

Learn how to set up, market, launch and run an equity crowdfunding campaign in this 4-week bootcamp.

Running a successful equity crowdfunding campaign involves a lot more than just creating a few marketing assets, standing up a web page, and hoping for investors. It requires advance preparation, a fundable company, sharpened marketing, a carefully orchestrated launch, and ongoing investor engagement.

To underscore this point, consider these facts:

  1. 21% of equity crowdfunding campaigns fail to meet the minimum target (meaning they raise $0)
  2. The median amount raised is $104K. About half of all crowdfunding campaigns raise less than $100K.
  3. The average raise was $366K, 3.5x higher than the median.
  4. The 3.5x variance between the average and the median is huge. It means the vast majority of raises were underwhelming. But, it also means the top 20% shined, raising over half a million dollars!

If you want to be part of that top 20%, then sign up for our bootcamp, learn the process used by successful crowdfunding campaigns, implement the best practices, and lean on experts to guide your journey.

If going through this bootcamp helps you take your crowdfunding raise from $104K to $366K, that $262K increase would be a 529x to 888x return on your bootcamp ticket fee.

KingsCrowd helps track and sort through thousands of investment opportunities in the online private markets. KingsCrowd aggregates, analyzes, and rates companies raising on platforms like Wefunder, StartEngine and Republic to help you make more informed investment decisions.

Fundable Startups provides coaching, training, and tools that helps founders build healthy, fundable companies. As a published author and a CEO, CTO or Tech VP of 5 startups with 3 exits, Sam Wong leads Fundable Startups in creating premium, deep-dive, visual training and tools to help founders with great execution.

Bootcamp Agenda (June 27th-July 25th, 2024)

Session 1: Determine your Startup Valuation & Target Raise – Date: Thursday, June 27th

Session 2: Build your Campaign Page – Date: Thursday, July 11th

Session 3: Build your Audience – Date: Thursday, July 18th

Session 4: Compliance, Investment Contracts & Cashflow – Date: Thursday, July 25th

All sessions are two hours long, starting at 9am Pacific Time and ending at 11am PT (starting at 12pm Eastern Time, ending at 2pm ET). These four sessions total 8 hours of instruction.

Session #1

Determine your Startup Valuation & Target Raise


Mike Vandenbos/KingsCrowd

Brian Belley / KingsCrowd

Chris Lustrino / KingsCrowd

Mike Vandenbos / KingsCrowd

Sam Wong / Fundable Startups

Session #1 Homework:

Take the Valuation Report and email Mike feedback, insights, and questions.  We will start off Session #2 going over questions raised by founders.

Session #2:

Build your Campaign Page


Mike Vandenbos/ KingsCrowd

Alex Portera/ Rallyon Media

Brian Belley/KingsCrowd

Steve Palfreyman/ Futurative


Founders: Two FoundersModerator: Lea (KingsCrowd Senior Analyst)

Session #2 Homework

Set up Office Hours with Mike to discuss platform selection

Session #3:

Build your Audience


Mike Vandenbos/KingsCrowd

Jeff Dion: Capital Campaign Quarterback

Build Your Audience Panel:

Kevin Morris: Atlas Road

Jason Fishman: DNA

Maria Springer: Capital Group

Investor Panel:

Two Investors Moderator

Session #3 Homework

Set an appointment with an industry expert focusing on building your campaign audience. We will start off Session #4 going over questions and insights learned on building your audience.

Session #4:

Compliance Investment Contracts & Cashflow


Mike Vandenbos/KingsCrowd

Usman Sheikh/Raisepapers

Peyton Theodore/Raisepapers

Vince Mongio: Attorney


Brian Belley/ KingsCrowd

Sam Wong/ Fundable Startups

Chris Lustrino/ KingsCrowd

Closing Remarks and Next Steps


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