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Jul 17
Open Project Night @ Impact Hub Houston
808 Travis St ste 102 - 808 Travis Street #ste 102, Houston, TX 77002



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Fundability Before Fundraising Academy

June 20 @ 10:30 - 11:00 CDT

Proven methods to help startup founders raise funds

Most startup entrepreneurs struggle to raise funds. Getting an angel investor or venture capitalist to write a check is very hard. It’s a complex form of sales that very few people have done successfully. But there is a repeatable five-step methodology to raise startup funds:

  1. Prepare
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Sell
  5. Close

And we’ll teach you how to implement these five steps in our Fundability Before Fundraising training academy. It’s a two-part, 12-week program that dives deep, showing you not just what to do, but showing you how to do it.

Part 1 includes six-weeks of lessons to teach you how to Build Fundability. A key goal of the Fundability Academy (part 1) will be to help you raise up to $250K. We’ll show you how to:

  • Build your Lean Canvas startup business plan
  • Form your venture-scale startup (Delaware C-Corporation)
  • Manage founder equity and cap tables
  • Prepare for investor due diligence and set up your data room
  • Build a funding strategy based on inflection points
  • Determine how much to raise and when to raise
  • Validate your business idea (Lean Startup)
  • Find product / market fit via smart pivots
  • Build your minimum viable product
  • Build a pitch deck to raise Pre-Seed funds (up to $250K)
  • Raise funds from founders, friends & family

Part 2 includes six more weeks of instruction to show you how to Fundraise Intelligently. A key goal of the Fundraise Academy (part 2) will be to help you raise $1M and up. We’ll cover how to:

  • Assess your funding strategy and fundability
  • Develop a funding plan, aligning funding vehicles (SAFEs, convertible notes, stock) with funding sources (angels, VCs)
  • Understand the investor mindset and sell to investor pain
  • Reach out so investors respond
  • Tell a startup story that captivates, validates, and motivates
  • Build visually effective pitch slides
  • Understand the goals of each section of a pitch deck
  • Customize a pitch deck template to tell a killer story for your startup
  • Build a list of investors to target
  • Practice and perfect your pitch delivery
  • Understand term sheets and fundraising contracts
  • Pitch to a real-world investor and handle common objections

Each week, you’ll get two hours of live instruction and two hours of coaching from Sam Wong, a five-time startup entrepreneur with three exits.

Join us for a quick 30-minute overview of how the academy can help you succeed. It’s free and it may just open the door to your successful fundraise!

Fundable Startups provides coaching, training, and tools that helps founders build healthy, fundable companies. As a published author and a CEO, CTO or Tech VP of 5 startups with 3 exits, Sam Wong leads Fundable Startups in creating premium, deep-dive, visual training and tools to help founders with great execution.


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