Create a Compelling Pitch (Members-Only Course)

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This course on “How to Create a Compelling Pitch” will help you craft your value proposition, messaging, and pitch deck to confidently engage potential investors, partners, customers and clients.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to deliver a clear narrative and compelling pitch to potential clients or investors, and subsequently lose opportunities for revenue and income. In this webinar workshop, Impact Hub Houston CEO/Executive Director Grace Rodriguez takes you through a proven step-by-step approach to refine your narrative and create a compelling pitch deck with a logical flow, to help you confidently engage your target audience and clearly communicate your value proposition.

Members of Impact Hub Houston also receive Group Mentorship sessions every month to ask questions and get live feedback on their pitches! You’ll get access to tips for engaging stakeholders that have evolved over a decade and been validated by hundreds of investors.

Some of the key insights and lessons from this workshop for founders and fundraisers include:
– The major errors entrepreneurs make when pitching
– The key elements investors consider in a pitch, before engaging you further
– How to clarify your “Value Proposition” into a single-sentence statement
– How you should present your ideas on a slide-deck
– How to make the most of our easy-to-use pitch deck template

Participants in this workshop receive:
– A free download of our Startup Pitch Deck Template
– An hour of interactive virtual instruction, including role playing on how to pitch effectively
– The opportunity to get feedback on their current value proposition and pitch deck through an interactive session after the workshop

Who is this entrepreneurship educational workshop for?
– Founders and fundraisers who need to create a clear and compelling pitch presentation — whether you’re about to launch your business, or you have an established business and need to improve how to communicate your value proposition.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a proven system for creating your own compelling pitch!

Our Speaker

Grace Rodriguez knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the funding fence. As a frequent startup mentor, advisor, and pitch competition judge for accelerators and incubators including MassChallenge, Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute, Capital Factory, WeWork Labs, and Rice University’s Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Grace reviews hundreds of pitch decks a year. Through this experience and her time at DFJ Mercury (now “Mercury Fund”), she has learned what venture capitalists and angel investors look for, with access to over 1,000 investors in a variety of industries. Grace has developed a keen understanding on why so many businesses fail to secure the funding they need in the start-up and growth phases, and which approaches to raising capital really work.

And as an entrepreneur and non-profit leader, she has helped raise funds for her own ventures, securing capital from major stakeholders, angel investors, bankers, family and friends, and even government and non-profit grants. She is keen to share with you what happens behind the scenes when investors evaluate and discuss deals!

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