Workshop: Social Advertising 101 Training by The Black Sheep Agency

We’re excited and proud to announce a collaboration with The Black Sheep Agency, a cause-driven brand shop focused on amplifying messages and accelerating impact! Over the next few months, we’ll host a series of hands-on branding and marketing training sessions led by experts from Black Sheep’s “baaa”d-ass team.

For our first session, you’ll learn how to maximize your online outreach through …

Social Advertising 101

Taught by: Dionella Martinez, Digital Strategists at The Black Sheep Agency

Learn the basics of Facebook and Instagram advertising as we walk through the best type of #ad for your campaign! We’ll also talk you through formulating a budget, targeting your audience, optimizing your efforts, and other creative options to execute your social advertising needs.

Grab your laptop and join us to get started on your digital marketing and build a foundation to take it to the next level — free WiFi, coffee, tea and community provided to fuel you up and keep you going! 🙂

*Impact Hub Members receive FREE registration*

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Workshop: Mastering the Brain Dump to Reduce Business Frustrations

Impact Hub Houston and Christina Wright, Founder of WrightNow Results, present: Mastering the Brain Dump to Reduce Business Frustrations.

Sure, you know you need to plan. Yep, it’s time to collect your thoughts, so you can tackle your big business ideas (for real this time). And certainly, you know you have to set the time aside to do this. But, every time you sit down to plan, you stare at your computer and it stares back at you.

Enter: The Brain dump. Simple as it sounds, that’s where all good plans start.

Christina will guide you through her method to help you get clear on — and develop a plan for — your biggest challenges surrounding business and managing “it all.” In this 90-minute workshop, you will:

  • Learn the mastery of the Brain Dump
  • Learn pointers on balancing business and life
  • Brain dump your life/work balance OR a business need
  • Begin developing a useable roadmap from your brain dump


  1. Opening session (15 min) – 5:45 p.m.
  2. Interactive tips & brain dumping (50 min)
    1. Tips
    2. Brain dump layout
    3. Brain dump work time
  3. Begin digital version of the brain dump (15 min)
    1. Three paths: work/life balance, marketing efforts, client experience
  4. Closing + Final Instructions (10 min)


  • Markers (different colors and sizes if possible)
  • You may want to bring your computer to get the most out of your brain dump.

*Impact Hub Members receive FREE registration*

About our instructor: Christina is the owner of WrightNow Results, which helps your organization strategically define your lines of Communications to save you money and frustration. After more than a decade in the high-pressure roles of government reporter and county employee, Christina set out to show others how to aim for a balanced, but successful lifestyles.

Founders Feedback Forum

If you have an idea, created a solution, started a venture, and are wondering what to do next — or if you just want a second opinion to see whether you’re on the right track — come get unstuck and moving forward again with some honest feedback from Impact Hub Houston’s mentors and community.


For this session, you’ll get insights and feedback from:

  • Grace Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Houston and Station Houston
  • Milad Khakzadghomi, Director of Strategy for Houston Exponential
  • Surprise Guest!


For all who participate, we adopt these ground rules as our shared commitment to having a fun and productive feedback session. If we there’s an opportunity to improve these rules, we can and will change them, together: Feel free to give us *your* feedback, too!

Respect the people.

  • Treat each other with kindness and tolerance first. We all have tricky days when we aren’t at our best. You will appreciate this tolerance when that tricky day is yours.
  • Assume best intentions, but do not assume anything else. Ask questions to better understand anything that is unclear or troubling.
  • Listen when others speak. Don’t interrupt: If you have something urgent to add, raise your hand for acknowledgement.
  • Take care of yourself. If you need to step out or take a break, do it. The group values your participation, so do what you need to do so you can devote your full attention.

Respect the purpose

  • We’re convening to help Founders think through current challenges. Come prepared and ready to engage.
  • Resources lead to results. Be ready to contribute information or connections to help Founders achieve better outcomes.
  • We are all responsible for staying on track. Speak up if you feel we’re going off the rails!

Respect the process.

  • Start on time. End on time.
  • Step up: If you have an insightful question or helpful suggestion, please share it.
  • Step back: Share the time. Do not monopolize the discussion or rob others of time needed to share their perspectives.
  • Document clear commitments, then follow-through. Walk your talk!

Open Project Night – 18th Edition (Impact Hub Houston & Sketch City)

Impact Hub Houston and Sketch City – Open Project Night 18th Edition

Come to Open Project Night hosted by Impact Hub Houston and Sketch City at the amazing Black Sheep Marketing Agency. Connect and collaborate with real, passionate people who are working on projects, ventures, and collaborations to improve to the city of Houston. If you have an idea, are working on something, or are looking for ways to collaborate with people who are doing work at the intersection of innovation and impact this event is for you! P.S. Our event is sponsored by Buff Brew!

Whether your project is in the seed idea stage, you already have been working on it for some time, or an individual interested in lending a hand and getting involved but are not sure quite how – Come! This event is for you.

*Side note*: 
You can absolutely bring your own idea to open project night or just come to listen! The event requires both a mixture of presenters and people from the community to support, listen, and collaborate with presenters!

 Event Info:

Who: Open to all! even those just curious

What: Our event is Free. Drinks, light snacks, incredible people and innovative projects presented to improve Houston (in both small and big ways).

When/Where: Doors open at 5:30pm, event starts at 6pm ; Black Sheep Marketing Agency (611 West 22nd Street)

Event Breakdown:

1. 6:00-6:30pm Meet + greet ; drink + light snacks

2. 6:30-7:00pm Project presentations – maximum of 2:30 minutes per project and each project leader must answer the following questions:

  1. Brief personal introduction + What is your project?

  2. What stage are you currently at?

  3. What are your next series of steps?

  4. What are you currently looking for in the way of talent/skills from the community? 

3. 7:00pm-8pm Presenters breakout throughout the room and the community comes around their projects during…drum roll… Open Project Time!

Come join us!