BumpIn : ta pause café mensuelle pour te connecter aux membres d’Impact Hub Suisse

Savais-tu que les Impacts Hubs suisse comptent près de 2000membres ? Tu veux les rencontrer ? Échanger avec eux? Nous avons la solution!

Rejoins BumpIn, le meeting mensuel en ligne, pour…

… te connecter et collaborer avec des membres de toute la Suisse

… obtenir des feedbacks sur tes projets

… trois nouveaux contacts à chaque session

… créer des collaborations nationales et ainsi amplifier ton impact

… accédez au staff, qui pourra te renseigner sur l’accès aux outils Impact Hub, au réseau, aux programmes de développement d’entreprise et à toutes les informations concernant nos pôles d’impact.

La langue standard de la réunion sera l’anglais! Donc pas d’inquiétude si ton allemand ou ton italien n’est pas (encore) au top!

Quand : Chaque premier mardi du mois, entre 10h00 – 10h45

Où : sur Zoom

London Climathon 2020

London Climathon 2020

The idea creation platform for London citizens to come together and develop forward-thinking solutions to climate problems.

Time to change, be the change.

Climathon is a city-based programme that offers a clear pathway to action and interaction – an opportunity for cities and citizens to co-create local ideas to shared climate challenges.

At the core of the Climathon programme is an ideathon. The ideathon – Global Climathon Day – takes place on 13 November 2020 in hundreds of cities across continents and many timezones.

Over the span of 48 hours, a diverse group of participants ranging from policymakers to entrepreneurs, youth to business leaders, hackers to academics, and students to professionals, come together to collaborate on forward-thinking ideas. We need your ideas to solve climate change!

Register Interest for Climathon 2020 Now!!

Mental Health and Resilience for Entrepreneurs – Let’s connect

Mental Health and Resilience for Entrepreneurs – Let’s connect

Being an entrepreneur is mentally challenging. Let’s explore the topic of mental health and resilience together.

Being an entrepreneur can be mentally challenging, especially this year. When we reflect on what entrepreneurs need in 2020, we feel that an infusion of mental health is an answer. We strongly believe that mental health is a long-term success factor for any entrepreneur.

Join us in our initiative to openly discuss mental health and entrepreneurship.

  • We will look at why this role is challenging and how you can check whether you are on a good path.
  • We will offer you insights into how other entrepreneurs cope and what are the strategies that work for them.
  • We will see how resilience can be built up.
  • We will have a shared learning session with the opportunity to build connections.

Our goal is to leave with some useful and applicable tools. The event is planned as an open event so you can join as it fits you.

Let’s stay mentally well, and let’s connect!

Note: This event is accompanied by a daily morning meditation session during the week. Join us!


17:00 – Exploring the Relationship between Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

Mental health is important! We start our event with an in-depth perspective on the connection between mental health and entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur’s journey is filled with uncertainty, challenges, obstacles and changes. Learn how to take care of your mental health!

Join us to find out the answers to the questions below:

  • What is Mental Health?
  • Why is Mental Health important?
  • What factors influence your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur?
  • What are some strategies that can help you address these factors?
  • What are the signs that your Mental Health is being affected?
  • How can you evaluate them and be more aware of their impact?

Speaker: Roxana Petrus

17:30 – Let’s connect

We explore the topic together in smaller groups. Learning session with the opportunity to build connections

18:00 – Insider Stories: Two Entrepreneurs share their own Challenges and Recipes.

There is always hope and a way to follow, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.

As entrepreneurs Phillip and Julia are confronted with mental challenges in their daily, dynamic tasks. If you want to get ahead, there is no room for negative blockages or unhealthy stress. In this session they will tell you their techniques for a healthier mindset in an entertaining and concise way.

Speaker: Julia Maria Oeschger and Philipp Bracher

18:30 – How to be a resilient entrepreneur

Responding to challenges from a place of openness and trust instead of a place of scarcity and fear is vital if you want to thrive and not just survive as an entrepreneur. You can learn to develop a resilient mindset. What is needed are three elements: attention, intention and cultivation. Don’t begin to weave your parachute when the next major challenge arises, better start now.

Speaker: George Peterbus


This event is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel and co-created by woowai, beinresonance, triohealthy.com and roxana-cristina.com

The event is kindly supported by the Impact Hub Basel. We are very greatful for their support.


This is a hybrid event. You can join online or on site at the Impact Hub Basel if the covid-19 situation will allow it. We will update you a week ahead of the event.

Impact Hub, Münchensteinerstrasse 274a, CH-4053 Basel


Roxana Petrus is a coach, psychologist and emotional health specialist with a background in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. She currently supports amazing individuals in managing their emotional difficulties and reaching their emotional balance through one-on-one coaching, programs and projects.

roxana-cristina.com | LinkedIn

Julia Maria Oeschger is a healthcare project manager and prospective health coach with a background in modern nutrition lifestyle and marketing. Together with her siblings, she launched a blog www.triohealthy.com this summer: Be triohealthy – consciousness, nutrition and exercise. Behind the blog, various business ideas are currently being evaluated with the mission to improve the health of tomorrow in order to reduce chronic diseases.

triohealthy.com | LinkedIn

Philipp Bracher brings digital visions to life. He coaches you from ideation to roll-out. He does this by establishing an agile innovation culture and by enabling stellar teamwork. For more than 10 years he has led a Swiss tech start-up to success in the roles of CTO and Product Manager and looks back on two decades of experience in software product development. Philipp is a proven enabler of innovation processes and agile culture and a coach for leaders and teams, including remote teams. He believes in the potential of people and ideas and is a passionate meditation practitioner since his teenage years.

woowai.com | LinkedIn

George Peterbus is the founder of resonance and an entrepreneur himself. He coaches individuals and teaches mindfulness, resilience and well-being in organisations. resonance also offers guidance to organisations on their journey to humane self-organised networks (agile being).

beinresonance.com | LinkedIn

revendo Workshop – Nachhaltigkeit aus deiner Hand

revendo Workshop – Nachhaltigkeit aus deiner Hand

Ersetze das Display oder den Akku deines iPhones selbst unter der Anleitung professioneller Techniker*innen von revendo!

Am 24. Oktober bringen dir die professionellen Techniker*innen bei, den Display oder Akku deines iPhones zu ersetzen. Dabei wirst du Schritt für Schritt durch den Reparaturprozess begleitet. Gemeinsam mit revendo wollen wir dir näher bringen, wie du durch einfache Reparaturen unnötigen Abfall vermeiden kannst.

Das Beste daran? Du bezahlst nur die Ersatzteile – die persönliche Anleitung durch die revendo-Techniker*innen vor Ort bekommst du kostenlos!

Hast du eines der unten aufgelisteten iPhones, bei dem dringend das Display oder der Akku ersetzt werden muss? Dann melde dich noch heute an, um deinem iPhone eine zweite Chance zu geben.

Folgende iPhone Modelle kannst du am Workshop reparieren:

Melde dich für ein Zeitfenster an, gib uns Bescheid welches iPhone du besitzt und was daran ersetzt werden muss, und schon kann es losgehen!

Mit deinem reparierten Handy, trägst du zur Kreislaufwirtschaft bei, und erhältst zudem noch ein kleines Goodie Bag – eine Stofftasche inkl. Geschenkpaket von revendo und Impact Hub Basel.

Ausserdem kannst du dein iPhone auch noch gleich mit einer nachhaltigen Hülle von revendo schützen. Revendo verkauft vor Ort seine eigenen biologisch abbaubaren ReCase Hüllen!

Es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass neue Zeitfenster hinzukommen werden, lass’ dich also auf die Warteliste setzen und bleib dran!

WICHTIG!: Denk daran vor der Reparatur ein Backup deines iPhones zu erstellen. Mit der Teilnahme am Workshop akzeptierst du, dass du die Reparatur auf eigene Verantwortung durchführst und dass revendo im Falle eines Datenverlustes oder eines Schadens am Smartphone keine Haftung übernimmt.

Workshop Partner

Seit 2013 wirkt revendo mit ihrem Upcycling-Konzept gegen den immer wachsenden Berg von Elektroschrott.

Das Zero Waste Innovation Lab – ZEWIL wurde vom Impact Hub Basel in Kollaboration mit der FHNW, Innosuisse und der Christoph Merian Stiftung erstellt um ökonomische Prozesse und Zero Waste Innovationen zu fördern, die auf jeder Stufe der Wertschöpfungskette zu einer weitgehenden, im Idealfall sogar vollständigen Reduktion des Abfallaufkommens und Ressourcenverbrauchs führen.

Als Mitglied der schweizweiten Circular Economy Transition Initiative fördert der Impact Hub Basel den Übergang in die Kreislaufwirtschaft auf lokaler wie auch nationaler Ebene. Die Initiative und deren Events richten sich an individuelle Personen, Startups wie auch grössere Unternehmen.

Salon des Créateurs – Circular interior design and architecture

Salon des Créateurs – Circular interior design and architecture

Discover approaches to sustainable and circular interior design. Drinks and networking.

KreaB (Basel’s network representing creatives) and the FABE Circle (the Impact Hub’s network for furniture, architecture and the built environment) are jointly running this event.

The new Impact Hub building in the Dreispitz area was designed and renovated using circular and sustainable design principles. These approaches include vintage, re-purposed and upcycled furniture and interiors; heat recovery shower, composting toilets among others. The building tour will be led by the designers (Bravo Ricky and Joulia) involved in its realisation, and there will be opportunities for networking after.


KreaB (der Verband der Kreativwirtschaft) und der FABE Circle (das Netzwerk des Impact Hubs für Möbel, Architektur und bebaute Umgebung) führen diese Veranstaltung gemeinsam durch.

Das neue Gebäude des Impact Hub im Dreispitz-Areal wurde nach nachhaltigen Gestaltungsprinzipien entworfen und renoviert. Zu diesen Ansätzen gehören u.a. alte, wiederverwertete und aufbereitete Möbel und Innenräume, Duschen mit Wärmerückgewinnung und Komposttoiletten. Der Rundgang durch das Gebäude wird von den an der Realisierung beteiligten Designern geleitet (Bravo Ricky und Joulia), und danach gibt es Möglichkeiten zum Networking.

Please note that by registering and participating in this event, you agree to the recording of your appearance and/or your voice, which Verein Impact Hub Basel can publish in photos, videos and accompanying sound recordings via online and offline media and for marketing purposes.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie mit der Anmeldung und Teilnahme an dieser Veranstaltung der Aufnahme Ihres Auftritts und/oder Ihrer Stimme zustimmen, die der Verein Impact Hub Basel in Fotos, Videos und begleitenden Tonaufnahmen über Online- und Offline-Medien und zu Marketingzwecken veröffentlichen kann.

Art of Hosting – Comeback Day: ONLINE EDITION

Art of Hosting – Comeback Day: ONLINE EDITION

Art of hosting NL – Comeback day! November 2020

How can we come together as an Art of Hosting community in the Netherlands, and strengthen our capacity to collaborate?

You are invited to join the upcoming Art of Hosting NL Comeback Day, and take this opportunity to re-connect with fellow AoH practitioners in the Netherlands. We will take the time to reflect on our individual and collective practice and see how it is unfolding.

These are some of the questions we will explore together:

“In these challenging times we are living in, how can our Art of Hosting practice be in service of what needs to be addressed? What am I called to do? And how can we collectively strengthen our capacity to collaborate?”

What is an AoH Comeback Day (NL)?

It is an opportunity to (re-)connect to fellow practitioners in the Netherlands. It’s a chance to see how others have been practising the methodologies of the Art of Hosting in diverse fields and a space for those who seek new collaborations to explore topics and issues related to one’s own calling. These Comeback Days NL are usually organized twice a year as we aim to create a regular space for our community to gather, reconnect and strengthen our collective field.

Who is it for?

This Comeback Day invites all previous participants of Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership trainings in the Netherlands (since 2003!) and those who may have [participated in an AoH abroad but are based in the Netherlands. We bring together the English and Dutch-speaking communities and create an atmosphere where all are welcome across language, sectors, experience and levels of practice. (The event will be held in English)

Where do we gather this time?

2020 has forced us to rethink the way we gather and connect, making it often difficult to meet in person. For this edition of the Comeback Day, we will therefore gather online (we will also have a shorter version than the usual ones)!

A Zoom link will be sent out to all registered participants prior to the event.


13.15 – 13.45 Optional virtual lunch to informally reconnect with fellow practitioners.

14.00 – Start of the online gathering & Check in

Main program – Exploring the calling questions

17.30 Official closing of the Comeback Day

Fee: This Comeback Day is offered for free to the Dutch AoH Community.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Your hosting team,

Laura Grassi and Tatiana Glad



Who is this comeback day for?

This programme invites all previous participants of Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership trainings in the Netherlands, and those who may have participated in an AoH abroad but are currently living and working in the Netherlands. The idea behind this day is to reconnect with the local community of practitioners and see what are the activities that are taking place locally.

I have never attended an Art of Hosting / Art of Participatory Leadership training, but I still would like to attend. Can I still join?

The Comeback Day is designed to (re)connect practitioners that have previously experienced an Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership training (3-days). Therefore this day is only for people that did this training before. It would be lovely to meet you in another occasion though!

I have attended an AOH/AOPL training in another country than the Netherlands/Belgium but I currently live & work there. Can I still attend?

Yes! The comeback day aims at bringing together the local community of practitioners, so if you are currently living in one of these countries and you are actively involved with the local communities, you are more than welcome to come and (re)connect with fellow practitioners.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Well, the event has now moved online… so you can join from the comfort of your own couch. 😉

I have never used Zoom before, is it difficult to use?

Zoom, is a relatively simple platform to use. If it’s the first time for you to use this software, you will need to first download a small plug-in and install it either on your computer (recommended) or on your phone. In case you would like to test the platform, we will be available to help you set it up correctly and ensure you can join us online. Please let us know if you are new to zoom and have troubles setting it up, so that we can support you in a timely manner.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

For more information, you can contact Laura Grassi

( laura.grassi [at] impacthub.net ).

Fail Forward | Food edition

Fail Forward | Food edition

Fail Forward | Food Edition

About this Event

Failure and experimentation are essential to developing innovative businesses that make a real impact. For the Food Edition of our Fail Forward event series, we invite impact entrepreneurs to share their flaws and failures in a light-hearted but insightful way. This event takes place online and is hosted by Bart Krull.


  • Kitchen Republic’s founder, Bart-Jan Veldhuizen. Bart-Jan is the business brain behind Kitchen Republic. After studying political science, he got inspired by his visits to several pioneering shared kitchens in the United States, and decided to start Kitchen Republic. Kitchen Republic believes that innovation no longer comes from large institutions and corporations but from the bottom up. To help food companies organise themselves in a smarter and more efficient way, they created a one-of-a-kind platform that fuels food entrepreneurs with insider knowledge, a powerful network and with an accessible work, production and meeting space in Amsterdam West. Bart- Jan will share his story of ups and downs in opening their second location.
  • Managing director of Kajola and A Beautiful Mess, Olubunmi Okolosi. Bunmi is the founder of Kajola an International Hospitality, a food and beverage consultancy company that finds solutions for start-ups, scale-ups and corporates. A former London restaurateur now based in Amsterdam, Bunmi has worked with some of the world’s leading chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and entrepreneurs. Former clients include Arabica Food & Spice Company (Time Out London’s Best Restaurant), Lima London (1-star Michelin restaurant), and The Student Hotel (international hospitality start-up). With Kajola, Bunmi can lend his passion and expertise to those who are eager to make their mark in the food and hospitality sectors. The team has over 30 years of experience establishing leading food and beverage concepts, restaurants, cafes, and retail items. Recent projects include Fosbury & Sons, Restaurant Felix, Makom along with the Rembrandt Park development.

Keep an eye on this page for speaker updates!


19:30 Virtual walk-in

20:00 Talks and Q&A

21:30 Closing

Global Goals Jam Hamburg 2020 | Digital Edition

Global Goals Jam Hamburg 2020 | Digital Edition

Entwickle lokale Lösungen für nachhaltige Herausforderungen!

Create local solutions for sustainability challenges in a 2 day virtual event!

– English description below –



Möchtest Du soziale Herausforderungen lösen und zu einer besseren Welt beitragen?

Dann werde Teil von 95 weiteren Städten und 5.000 Jammern und komm’ zur 2. Ausgabe des #GlobalGoalsJam in Hamburg. Lokale Innovator*innen und Kreative werden ihre Kräfte bündeln, um Projekte für die nachhaltigen Entwicklungsziele (SDGs) zu entwickeln.

Wir laden Dich ein, Dein Netzwerk zu erweitern und mehr über die Methoden des Design-Thinking zu erfahren – an einem Wochenende voller spannender Designsprints. Als Teilnehmer*in erarbeiten Du und Dein Team Lösungen zu den Themen Bildung für Alle (SDGs #4, #10) und Nachhaltige Entwicklung für Mensch und Planet (SDGs #1, #8). Du triffst Dich online und jammst mit Teilnehmer*innen aus Hamburg und der ganzen Welt, alle mit unterschiedlichen Hintergründen, mit unterschiedlichen Fähigkeiten, die alle zusammenkommen, um ihre Kreativität zu bündeln.


  • Lerne von Expert*innen aus der Praxis
  • Lerne Design-Thinking in der Anwendung kennen
  • Entwickle ein Projekt mit Impact
  • Entwickle Produkte und Ideen, die helfen, neue Erkenntnisse über lokale
  • Herausforderungen zu gewinnen
  • Baue Prototypen und teste Ideen
  • Arbeite in multidisziplinären Teams
  • Netzwerke mit gleichgesinnten Menschen
  • Werde Teil eines globalen Netzwerks von Changemakern
  • Hab jede Menge SPASS! 🙂


Bist Du daran interessiert, neue Perspektiven einzunehmen, Dich zu vernetzen, zu gestalten, zu entwickeln, voranzugehen, zu innovieren, Spaß zu haben, Wahrnehmungen herauszufordern, Ideen in die Realität umzusetzen und vieles mehr? Dann ist der #GGJHamburg das Richtige für dich – unabhängig von deinem Alter, Beruf, Geschlecht, Nationalität, Status, etc.

Es wird NICHT erwartet, dass Du ein Experte auf irgendeinem Gebiet bist. Von Dir wird NICHT erwartet, dass du ein*e Designer*in bist. Bring einfach Deine beste Energie und Deinen neugierigen Geist mit. Alles andere ist bereits da.

Sichere Dir jetzt Deinen Platz beim #Globalgoalsjam. Wir können es kaum erwarten, Dich dabei zu haben. Lasst uns loslegen und für eine bessere Zukunft jammen!


Samstag 19. September:

09:30-18:00 Identifiziere reale Herausforderungen und konvertiere sie in Möglichkeiten und Ideen

Sonntag 20. September:

09:30-17:00 Prototypisiere Deine Ideen und teste sie

17:00-19:00 Pitch night + Abschlussparty

Weitere Informationen findest Du hier: GLOBAL GOALS JAM HAMBURG

Um über den Hamburg Jam auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben, besuch unsere Eventseite bei Facebook oder folge uns bei Twitter (@ggjhamburg #ggjhamburg). Und klar, wir sind auch bei Instagram 🙂

Der Global Goals Jam Hamburg 2020 wird präsentiert vom Alchemist Hub Hamburg und Impact Hub Hamburg, mit Unterstützung der Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit sowie von Engagement Global und RENN.nord.

*Änderungen vorbehalten


Did you ever wonder how you can use your skills and experiences for making Hamburg and the world a better place? Come jam with us!


Are you passionate about solving social challenges and improving lives? Join us, 95 other cities and 5,000+ jammers in the 2nd edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam Hamburg. Local innovators and creatives will join forces to design actionable interventions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We invite you to expand your network and learn about design thinking methods in a weekend packed with engaging design sprints. As a participant, you and your team will create solutions aimed at the themes Education for all (SDGs #4, #10) and Sustainable Development for People and Planet (SDGs #1, #8). You will meet and jam with participants from Hamburg and across the globe, all from diverse backgrounds, with different skills, who will come together to channel their creativity.


  • Learn from field experts
  • Learn about the design thinking process
  • Create social impact
  • Create objects and ideas that help to generate new insights on local challenges
  • Prototype and test ideas
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Become part of a global network of changemakers
  • Have a LOT of fun!


If you’re into creating, collaborating, bringing new perspectives, networking, making, designing, developing, leading, innovating, having fun, challenging perceptions, bringing ideas into reality and more – then this is for you regardless of your age, occupation, gender, nationality, status, etc.

You are NOT expected to be an expert in any field. You are NOT expected to be a designer. Just bring your best energy and your curious mind. The rest is already there.

Please secure your participation by getting a ticket as soon as you can, as we have limited virtual seats and usually many more applications than available spots. We are looking forward to see you and enjoy a great weekend with us. Let’s #design2030now!


Saturday 19 September:

09:30-18:00 Identify and explore real world problems, convert problems into opportunities and ideas

Sunday 20 September:

09:30-17:00 Prototype your ideas and test them

17:00-19:00 Pitch night + After party

For more information click here: GLOBAL GOALS JAM HAMBURG

To stay up to date about the Hamburg Jam, head to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter (@ggjhamburg #ggjhamburg). Yes, we are also on Instagram 🙂

The Global Goals Jam Hamburg 2020 is presented by Alchemist Hub Hamburg and Impact Hub Hamburg, powered by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit and supported by Engagement Global and RENN.nord.

DISCLAIMER: *subject to change