U.N. Perspective Series: Reduced Inequalities

Everyone deserves equal access, respect & opportunities. Join global and local leaders to discuss how we ensure equal human rights for all.

About this Event

The U.N. Perspective Series are free events aiming to build community and convene global and local perspectives on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Presented by the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNAGB) and Impact Hub Boston, each U.N. Perspective Series focuses on a specific SDG and opens dialogue between global experts, local leaders, and the Greater Boston community.

This November, in preparation for Human Rights Day, we will focus on SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities and explore the work that is being done, and the work that must be done, to ensure everyone has access to equal economic and social opportunities, and that all are treated with respect and human dignity.

This event is free, but registration is required. Please note that the event is open to all ages, but the lecture is tailored to adult audiences.


Speakers announced in October 2020


This is a free event, but registration is required.

This event is made possible thanks to a generous donation by the TD Charitable Foundation.

Unpacking the Privilege in Purpose

Join us to unpack the power in privilege with experts in the field of equity, representation, and social impact.

Tickets are still available when you register here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0qcu-prjsjGtR44X3c9lwOywZ6vzYqYG3S

Purpose has become a popular buzzword for businesses and individuals alike. And, for good reason. For people, purpose has the power to motivate, propel, and inform impact.

For businesses, purpose ensures a social mission that drives teams to do good. A recent study from Mckinsey & Company further explores purpose in the context of a crisis.

Purpose can be so powerful, and we have to acknowledge that there is an element of privilege that we need to address when we talk about purpose.

There’s privilege in wealth and income which allows people to pursue their purpose. There’s privilege for identities which have historically had greater access to purpose-driven work. Post-traumatic events, our brains go into flight or fight mode and people tend to lose a sense of purpose. All of this defines who has access.

The leading social impact organizations in New York City, Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area and Be Social Change, are partnering to bring together an expert panel to unpack this conversation, exploring:

  • How privilege and purpose have been intertwined historically
  • Best practices to address privilege in purposeful work
  • Ways of promoting access and equity to purpose-driven work
  • Innovative ideas in ensuring greater access to individual and organizational purpose

With an incredible panel of experts, attendees will examine this topic and work toward greater inclusivity in impact, and intentional business practices. Join us to learn more about purpose and how individuals and businesses can pursue purpose while addressing inequality.

Co-hosted by:


Event Schedule:

  • 4:55 PM – Sign on to the event and introduce yourself in the chat
  • 5:00-5:15 – PM Welcome and attendee breakouts for collaborative question development
  • 5:15-6:00 PM – Panel discussion

Normal is Over Documentary Screening + Q&A with filmmaker and Kate Raworth

Join us for the virtual screening of the award-winning documentary and Q&A with filmmaker, Renée Scheltema, and economist, Kate Raworth.

We are in unprecedented times. We all know that the current pandemic will have an impact on entire societies and economies on an unparalleled scale. How this will unfold is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: normal is over. Join us with English economist, Kate Raworth, and filmmaker, Renée Scheltema, to discuss this period of transition.

The New Normal Foundation and Impact Hub Amsterdam invite you to our virtual screening of the award-winning documentary, Normal is Over. Simultaneously screening in 10 different countries, the international live stream will be followed by an unmissable Q&A with the filmmaker, Renée Scheltema, and the renegade economist, Kate Raworth. Creator of the Doughnut Economy, Raworth focuses on developing the necessary economic mindset and model to balance the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges.

About Normal is Over

Normal Is Over is an award-winning documentary about humanity’s wisest responses to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality and the intersections between these issues. A film connecting the dots, looks at the financial and economical paradigm underlying our planetary problems, while offering various SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline. The filmmaker, Renée Scheltema, takes off on an international journey searching for solutions. See the trailer here.


16:00 – 18:00 – Screening Normal is Over

18:00 – 19:00 – Q&A with Renée Scheltema & Kate Raworth

Price: €10 (proceeds after costs will be donated to the New Normal Foundation to support their impactful work!)

Note: During the event, we will have an introduction and stream the documentary live, followed by the Q&A. For those who may not have as much time on the day, we will send you the link to the documentary 1 week before the event. You can watch it in your own time and then join the Q&A from 18:00 – 19:00 to dive deeper into these topics.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Open Project Night: Focusing on Climate Action!


Impact Hub Houston and Sketch City invite you to connect and collaborate with Houston at our virtual Open Project Night focusing on “Climate Action.

Let’s connect and collaborate (virtually) with passionate people who are working on projects, ventures, and collaborations to improve the resilience and quality of life in Houston. If you have an idea, are working on something, or are looking for ways to collaborate with people who are doing work at the intersection of innovation and impact this event is for you! The event requires both a mixture of presenters and people from the community to support, listen, and collaborate with the presenters.


5:00-5:10pm Group Introductions

5:10-5:25pm Guest Presentations + Q&A

5:25-5:45pm Virtual Breakout Rooms to discuss potential solutions for the topic.

5:45-5:55pm Report Back! Your Open Pitch should be max of 2 mins each and answer the following questions before the community can provide feedback:

  • Brief personal introduction + What is your project/idea?
  • What stage are you currently at? (idea/testing/implementation etc)
  • What are your next series of steps?
  • What are you currently looking for in the way of talent/skills from the community?

5:55pm-6:00pm Closing and Next Steps

About our Guest Speaker:

Dakota Stormer, Co-Founder and CEO, Footprint App, Inc.

MB Youth Talks: Reimagining the Filipino Culture

This webinar seeks to uncover the youth’s notion of what Filipino culture and arts are.


Filipino culture has been shaped by numerous influences, both foreign and local. It is also what often inspires the multitude of art in different mediums such as film, music, dance, visual arts, and so much more. It is safe to say that these arts, however, have drastically evolved throughout the years as there has been a shift in popularity from traditional to digital art coupled with the shift in attitude with regards to art.

The youth of today belong to the generation that will dictate the future of the Filipino culture. The hope of positively preserving the culture of the past in integration with the voice of tomorrow strongly remains. There is a pressing need for Filipino culture to shine through modern concepts. With this, we hope to uncover the youth’s notion of what Filipino culture and arts are through this webinar.

Discussion Points:

  • Exposition on the Filipino Youth Sector

i. Current state of culture and the arts in the Philippines among the youth

  • Insights on what Culture and Arts Mean to the Filipino Youth

i. How culture has shaped the speakers’ respective art form

ii. How Filipino art has been a medium of culture and self-expression

iii. How Filipino art has evolved over the past few years


Believing in the power in every youth’s voice, Impact Hub Manila in partnership with Manila Bulletin’s Youth Section, is proud to present the Manila Bulletin (MB) Youth Talks!

Premiering this month, catch the live sessions and be inspired by our stellar roster of movers, shakers, and game-changers.

Can Banking Be An Act of Activism?

How to make impactful decisions about how you bank

Choosing where and with whom you bank has an impact on your local community. Is your financial institution aligned with your values? Does your banking offer really meet your needs? What should you keep in mind when deciding how, and with whom, to bank?

Join us in conversation with Alterna Savings to find out how to address and identify barriers to your financial health, and what steps you can take to improve your business’s financial profile.

Allie Daniel has a background in the Non-Profit sector and consulting services. She currently offers strategic support for corporate initiatives at Alterna Savings. Allie is passionate about leadership development, social entrepreneurship and is committed to helping educate the next generation about basic financial literacy principles.

Nalisha Jagroop has built her career at Alterna Savings credit union, with more than 9 years in the financial industry with extensive experience in retail and community banking. Nalisha has a love for entrepreneurship and personal finance and is a subject matter expert on banking the nonprofit and charitable sector.

Brown Bag Lunches are Impact Hub Ottawa’s weekly lunch & learns led by Hubbers, for members and non-members alike. Topics vary each week, but you’re always sure to learn something new!

Can’t make it at 12 PM? Register and we’ll email you a recording of the presentation to watch at your convenience.

Tickets are free

We have removed our ‘Helping Hand Donation’ ticketing option and offer the following suggestions should you wish to donate, instead, to an organization working to support anti-racism in Canada:

* A Zoom link will be provided once you sign up via Eventbrite!*

Redefining the Future: Creando acceso a espacios públicos seguros

Únete a la conversación con Impact Hub Bogotá y México, para conversar acerca del ODS 11 y conocer acerca de espacios públicos asequibles

La red global Impact Hub, lanza una serie de webinars denominados: Redefining the Future of Cities (RFC), los cuales se realizarán de manera virtual entre los meses de agosto y noviembre. El propósito de los webinars es dar énfasis al intercambio de buenas prácticas entre ciudades, fomentar sociedades más sostenibles, justas, economías más dinámicas y respetuosas con el medio ambiente.

Para los eventos se contarán con dos expertos de nacionalidades diferentes. De esta manera, se darán a conocer las mejores prácticas de cada ciudad y dar espacio a posibles colaboraciones.

Durante las conversaciones se abordarán temáticas como: diseño urbano, movilidad incluyente, comunidades vulnerables, seguridad y acceso a espacios verdes, cambio climático y asentamientos humanos inclusivos, entre otros.

Desde Bogotá:

Panelista #1

David Sánchez Campos – Director Ejecutivo TECHO Colombia, una organización que trabaja con determinación en los asentamientos informales para superar la pobreza a través de la formación y acción conjunta de sus pobladores y pobladoras, jóvenes voluntarios y voluntarias, y otros actores. Su visión: “Una sociedad justa, igualitaria, integrada y sin pobreza en la que todas las personas puedan ejercer plenamente sus derechos y deberes, y tengan las oportunidades para desarrollar sus capacidades”

Panelista #2 María Isabel Gómez David- en la actualidad es Gerente en Ingeniería de Proyectos y Prospectiva S.A.S. Se ha desempeñado como Directora en el Centro de Estudios Territoriales de la Universidad Católica de Oriente, también ha coordinado y realizado estudios de ordenamiento territorial, movilidad, concentración de vivienda e infraestructura vial con diferentes municipios del departamento de Antioquia.

Desde México

Panelista #3

____________________________________________________________________________________________________La La charla estará enfocada en el ODS 11.1, para poder entender por qué la rápida urbanización está dando como resultado un número creciente de habitantes en barrios pobres, infraestructuras y servicios inadecuados y sobrecargados (como la recogida de residuos y los sistemas de agua y saneamiento, carreteras y transporte), lo cual está empeorando la contaminación del aire y el crecimiento urbano incontrolado.

¿Cómo están actuando las ciudades sobre esto? ¿Qué pueden aprender unos de otros? ¿Cómo nos estamos adaptando a los objetivos de la agenda a los nuevos escenarios de Covid19?

El ciclo de la conferencia está inspirado en el programa “Urban Challenges”, una colaboración transnacional para construir ciudades más justas y sostenibles, en particular, un transporte público más seguro.Los paneles serán quincenales y serán alojados por Impact Hubs ubicados en Suecia, Brasil y Medellín. Los asistentes serán de los cuatro países, así como miembros de la red Impact Hub Global que consta de 16,500 innovadores sociales en todo el mundo.

Inspírese con los líderes que están generando cambio y participe de las conversaciones acerca de un futuro más sostenible.Da click para registrarte a las otras sesiones de Redefining Future of Cities.

Redefining the Future: Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization

Join Impact Hub Monterrey with Impact Hub Stockolm for a Cross-City dialogue to learn best practices with experts from Sweden and Mexico.

Inclusive and sustainable urbanization, integrated human settlement planning

The initiative is a partnership among seven Impact Hubs, located in Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, with the purpose of elevating forward-thinking conversations with experts across industries and nations, to show the world how socially responsible companies are addressing Sustainable Development Goal 11.

This conference series will consist of one session, every two weeks – starting on August 17th. This event will have a Panelist from Impact Hub Monterrey and one from Impact Hub Sweden.

Panelists # 1: Manuel Martinez

  • Architect from Monterrey working in the new inclusive strategy “Monterrey Metróplis” for a more inclusive and sustainable urbanization

Panelist #2:

Moderator : Gilberto Miranda

  • Founder of Altius Consultores. Consultancy about sustainability and communication.

Themes will include urban design, mobility, vulnerable communities, access to green spaces, as well as inclusive human settlements and public policies, among others.

Can we reimagine a future with more justice and equity?

How will the new reality redefine the process for a more sustainable future?

Get inspired by leaders in the field and engage in forward-thinking conversations towards a more sustainable future.

Reserve your place to join the sessions and follow the highlights on social media #RedefiningFutureCities #RFC


August 17th – “Designing Cities of the Future for Mobility”, by Impact Hub Mexico City with Impact Hub Medellín

September 2nd – “Waste Management: How Can We Reduce the Environmental Impact of Cities”, by Impact Hub Curitiba with Impact Hub Brasilia

September 15th – “Creating Access to Safe and Inclusive Public Spaces”, by Impact Hub Stockholm with Impact Hub Bogota

September 30th – “Improving Settlement Planning for Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization”, by Impact Hub Monterrey with Impact Hub Stockholm

October 14th – “Decarbonizing Mobility: Electric Mobility Solutions from Medellín and Monterrey City”, by Impact Hub Medellín with Impact Hub Monterrey

October 28th – “Upgrading Slums to Affordable Housing” by Impact Hub Bogotá with Impact Hub Mexico City

November 11th – “Supporting Sustainable Links Between Urban, Peri-Urban and Rural Areas” by Impact Hub Brasilia with Impact Hub Curitiba