1 month of ApartButUnited: 10+ proven models & next steps.

ApartButUnited is a collective action program focused on spreading proven impact models that respond to challenges of the Pandemic.

What works already exists.

A month ago we embarked on a journey to engage with experts, activists and entrepreneurs from all over the world to:

  • Uncover the tangible, and sometimes hidden, challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Engage with experts involved with digital divide, collaborative economy up-skill programs, local business pivoting and the food industry;
  • Identify powerful, proven actions ready to be shared and utilized by other individuals, businesses and communities

We want to share with you our findings to date, and how we intend to continue this work to make what works available for many others.

Join us on Wednesday, July 22, from 6 pm to 7 pm WEST (London time) to:

  • Get an exclusive look at the main insights and trends emerged during our first series of sessions;
  • Learn about 10+ proven actions and projects identified, ready to be re-applied in your city or local community;
  • Hear about the #ApartButUnited journey ahead, and how you can e part of it.

Save your seat today. We’ll also send you a recording after the event in case you’re unable to make it.

Panel Speakers

  • Maria Ana Botelho Neves (Portugal) Design & Innovation Strategist | Idea driven entrepreneurial, passionate about SMEs and application of Design towards new collaborative and participative models for businesses, social and environmental change..
  • Meg Pagani (Portugal/Italy) Entrepreneur and founder of Impacton.org| Italian entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in the fields of technology, strategy, behaviour change and impact.

The #ApartButUnited sessions aim to invite contributors able to shed light on the context and background of some of the challenges created by the pandemic and, consequently, highlight the opportunities we can focus on in order to create real, tangible impact with our actions.

All these sessions are recorded and will become part of the educational material provided to those who join the Action Program.

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To learn more about this initiative check out www.apartbutunited.com.

Apart But United is brought to you by:

The global platform for social impact models, Impacton.org

And our amazing network partners of experts and organizations:

The event is finished.