AC Entrepreneurship: B-Corp 101 [VIRTUAL]

Learn how to integrate social and environmental responsibility into business practices.

While standard companies carry on business solely for profiting purposes, B-Corps are certified entities that go beyond profit activities by practicing social responsibility. Whether it be humanitarian or environmental, B-Corps must meet certain standards of performance, respect and transparency to become certified. Although similar to Fair Trade businesses, B-Corps differ in that they define their social and environmental impacts from a broader standpoint than just that of the product. While few in number, B-Corps are making strides throughout the globe and trending upwards.

If your business values and goals include, but also, surpass monetary aspirations, join our workshop and together we can discuss the various benefits to becoming certified; whether you’re interested in becoming a leader in a global movement or simply looking to make more responsible purchases, production and employment practices.

We’ll cover topics such as what is B-Corp, how to get certified or if B-Corp is for you or not.

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