Building partnerships for robust climate risk assessments: why, what, how?

Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub science webinar: Building partnerships for robust climate risk assessments: why, what, how and when?

Climate change information and services are increasingly recognised as important inputs into risk assessments, policy processes, planning and management strategies and financial disclosures by decision makers across Australian sectors including ecosystem management, agriculture and horticulture, water resource and energy management and the financial services sector.

The Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub has been working with its stakeholders to better understand their climate information needs. Feedback from our stakeholders indicates that there is still a lot of stakeholder uncertainty about how the climate system works, how the climate is changing and what climate change projections actually tell us. This means that existing climate change information and tools are not being readily accessed, understood and applied to inform decision and policy making.

The Hub is therefore developing a climate change information toolkit to build both understanding of climate change and capability for using climate change information for decision making. The toolkit provides stakeholders with a better understanding of the climate system and the confidence to find and use climate change information to inform decisions. The development of the toolkit is being informed by participant feedback from pilot workshops around the country, with over ten workshops held with various stakeholder groups to date.

In this webinar, ESCC Hub leader Professor David Karoly will use the toolkit developed by the Hub to provide an overview of why and what climate change information can be used for informing robust risk and impact assessments. David will also discuss how and when to use climate information in decision making, using a number of current Hub case studies and engagements as examples.

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