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Join this workshop to work side by side with Miele’s experts to answer one question: How can we make appliances even more sustainable?

The Circular Appliances is cohosted by Impact Hub Berlin and Miele.

Miele is a household name by now, known for being dedicated to make their products immer besser. In a world of decreasing resources and increasing crises, we want the world and products to become even more circular.

In this workshop, we want to undertake a journey with Circular Economy experts and enthusiasts to collectively analyse a specific Miele appliance and discuss possibilities for a better, sustainable and circular design.

What is this workshop?

The workshop is a full day exploration of one Miele consumer appliance device, brainstorming its circularity.

The challenge is to take apart a full Miele device, and take it apart step by step, while exploring various ways it can be made more circular, whether in manufacturing, material or design. The workshop is moderated by Miele experts to validate practicality of the solutions.

This is for you if you are

Entrepreneurs operating in circular economy

Visionaries for future appliances, new/circular/bio materials and circular business models

Individuals with hands-on-mentality and knowledge in the topic

Who else will be there

Miele experts (Design, engineering, Sustainability)

Miele experts from academia

Team members of IHB

How we do this

This workshop is semi moderated. We divide participants into smaller groups, who are then able to take apart one consumer appliance device. At every point from here on, the group can interview the Miele experts to share the context, procedure and potential for every step. After the dissembling exercise, each group brainstorms their approach further and builds upon it, and ultimately comes up with a set of recommendations to make this device more sustainable.

Recommendations can be made along the entire value chain of the device, but special attention can be given to design, engineering and materials.

This is a limited capacity workshop, capped at 10 people. During registration, please ensure to share with us your motivation to join, and any qualifications/experience that directly relate to this area. We will send you a confirmation of participation once we have had a chance to review. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected]