Climathon 2020: Hacking Solutions to Houston’s Climate Challenges!

Bring Your Climate Action Ideas to Life at Climathon 2020!

Realizing Houston’s Climate Action Plan

On Earth Day this year, the City of Houston published its first Climate Action Plan. The plan is the culmination of thousands of volunteer time from industry professionals, policy stakeholders, and community advocates. Together the working groups have laid out a concise plan to address the climate challenges that Houston faces along with maintaining a leadership role in the energy transition.

This year’s Climathon will look to realize some of the goals of the plan through design sprints led by local subject matter experts in the areas of Transportation, Energy Innovation, Building Optimization, and Materials Management.

Join us in addressing these issues with real-world solutions to these pressing problems we face together!

Climathon Kickoff Schedule (11/13)

  • 1:00PM – Open Networking: Get to know what we have in store for you for Climathon Houston 2020!
  • 1:30PM – Opening Remarks: Join breakout rooms themed around challenges, meet people with similar interests, and begin identifying teammates.
  • 1:45PM – Team Building: Set your teams up on the platform to start conversation and collaboration.
  • 2:00PM – Design Sprint: Want help getting started? Join this session to learn how you can structure your design and development process, and spark new ideas for your solution! (This session is optional)
  • 3:30PM – Progress Check: Come back to the main room to share your progress, get feedback on teams and solutions, and decide whether to pivot or persist. (This session is optional)
  • 4:30PM – Idea Pitch: Everyone will join us in the main room to share your ideas with the group, opening the floor for others to join your team. New projects may be presented at this time, too!
  • 4:55PM – Closing and Next Steps

Featured Challenges


This Challenge will be led by the team at EVolve Houston. EVolve Houston has set short- and long-term targets to increase the awareness, affordability, and availability of electrified transportation in the Greater Houston area. The Electric Vehicle Roadmap, developed in collaboration with over 40 stakeholders, sets forth the goal for 30% of new car sales to be EV by the year 2030.

Energy Transition

#1 – Make Houston the leader in carbon capture technology and energy innovation.

#2 – Restore, protect, and enhance Houston’s natural ability to capture and store carbon.

Building Optimization

#1 – Reduce building energy use and maximize savings.

#2 – Expand investment in energy efficiency.

Materials Management

#1 – Reduce waste and transform the circular economy.

#2 – Optimize waste operations and create power from waste.

Important Dates

11/17 Final Working Session // 4-6PM

11/18 Submit Solutions on DevPost by 11:59PM

11/19 Judging

11/20 Winners Announced

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