DigitalCrafts Houston Demo Day & Talent Showcase!

Join us for a Demo Day celebration and networking event in honor of the newest grads of our Immersive Web Development Bootcamps –  from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll have the opportunity to meet our grads as they demo their capstone projects, showing off all they’ve learned in their time with us. We’ll have a brief presentation about 30 minutes in, but you are welcome to drop in at any time and stay as long as you like. 

If you’re looking to hiring your next teammate (or cheer on your loved one), you’ll find plenty of inspiration and great talent amongst our students. We couldn’t be more excited for our graduating class, and we hope to see you there as we welcome Houston’s newest tech talent!

Join the celebration here:

*Guests are asked to update their name on Zoom to include one of the following: where they work, what cohort they were previously a part of, or what student they are supporting.

The event is finished.