How Do I Keep Doing, But Do Differently?

WHAT: How Do I Keep Doing, But Do Differently?

WHEN: May 7, 2020, 10 AM – 11:30 AM, 

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How Do I Keep Doing, But Do Differently?

In a world where information changes daily, the traditional approach of plan and plant will not allow organizations to thrive. Those who come out of COVID-19 stronger and more impactful will be those who were willing to be agile and rethink “business as usual.” Strategizing now is not a nice to have, it’s a must. 

However, we understand most organizations don’t have the luxury of taking time off to shift. In reality, most organizations are trying to figure out how to shift while trying to maintain programs, staff, and donors.

Join us as we talk through ways organizations in arts and culture can develop strategies for shifting their organization during this time of uncertainty. This will be a workshop format. Come prepared with questions, and be ready to work through your current challenges real time.


What We Will Cover Is:

       How to re-orient and shift while juggling operations. This could include donors, funding, programing, or the mission in general.

       Re-evaluating strategic plans and how to move forward.

       Triaging HR in the age of disaster planning.

       Brainstorming new ways to engage with audiences and cultivate funders

       Covering case-studies of arts and culture organizations doing differently.

       Ideas on ways to lessen the economic impact of the downturn on your organization.


The session is open to everyone. Whether you’re an organization of one or fifty, in the performing or visual arts, there will be something useful for you.

A writer, business owner, creative, and attorney by trade, Erin McClarty helps clients all over the nation translate their ideas into life-changing projects, programs, and initiatives. She works with businesses, charities, institutions, and movement leaders to form structures, documents, and business models that reflect their values, dreams, purpose and mission. Working with founders on focus, healing, tools, community, and education. For more information about Erin McClarty visit

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