How to Narrow Down Your Perfect Client

Learn how to narrow down your audience and find the perfect client/customer!

You can’t market to everyone. Tapping into a niche is one of the most effective tactics entrepreneurs can use to build a following of loyal clients and customers. In this workshop, marketing guru Beatrice Adenodi teaches you how to narrow down your audience and find the perfect client.

  • Discover the best ways to target and hone in on your ideal demographic.
  • Identify your clients’ pain points and position yourself as the perfect solution.
  • Learn how to market your services to those who will most benefit from them.
  • Make every dollar spent on marketing count and avoid stretching your budget too thin.

Beatrice Adenodi is a marketing guru and awareness advocate. She is the proud owner of Mirror Ink, a marketing production firm that specializes in strategy, planning, logistics, and execution. As a practitioner of experiential marketing for over 15 years, she has supported over 500 brands and has provided logistics and planning for over 2,000 events. This has led her to develop an extensive network of professional colleagues who have helped serve my long list of VIP clients. Beatrice has always been drawn to help build businesses and organizations that create social impact, and practicing in this area of business has given her a greater

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