August 20


9:00 - 12:30

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Impact Hub Basel

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Build your immunity map following the Immunity To Change (ITC) framework

During this event, we intend to connect with the IDG framework on different levels in a very personal, practical and experiential way with the intention to make them personally accessible and relevant for all participants.

We will build on Robert Kegan’s presentation on “thinking” during the IDG global kick-off summit in April 2022, using his “Immunity to Change” approach on personal growth, which is based on decades of research and his life’s work on Adult Development Theory.

According to Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, Immunity to Change is an inability to change because of deep-rooted assumptions and conflicting commitments. These may be so entrenched that they are unconscious.

During this workshop we will guide an experience for you to build your immunity map following the Immunity To Change (ITC) framework.

We will walk through this process and in small groups of 3 you will have the chance to gain new perspectives from other participants and the coaches. This process will help you to better understand the internal barriers you have to the change and what you can do to overcome them.

At the end of the workshop we will encourage you to come up with new actions that ideally would connect with SDG and creating a more sustainable future

Registrations will close on 10 August 2022 and we will send you some information on a bit of pre-work to identify your personal development goal you would like to work with during this session. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience needed. Limited to 21 seats (physical in Impact Hub) + 21 online seats.

We invite all participants to make a financial contribution (donation) to help us cover basic costs. For repeat participants (those who already participated in a IDG Swiss Hub event), we suggest CHF 25 and for those joining for the first time, we suggest CHF 50. These are guide prices only – we do not wish cost to be a prohibitive factor for participation.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in-person or online on 20th August!

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