August 13


13:00 - 13:45

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Impact Hub

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Impact Hub Berlin

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An engaging and motivating online talk series by entrepreneurs and experts who are helping to create real change around the world.

Welcome to Impact Talks!

The word ‘Impact’ has been overused and misused in today’s world of green washing and disinformation.

Through our exciting new online series, Impact Talks, we want to put the meaning back into the word ‘Impact’ by welcoming entrepreneurs and experts who are helping to create real change to speak about the work they do and how others can become changemakers as well.

Join us each month to put some “oomph” back into your lunchtimes and hear from motivating speakers on the topics of:

  • Sustainable Food
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Tech

These are the focus area of our four ecosystems, where we see the greatest potential for entrepreneurship and collective action. Get in touch to find out more about opportunities to collaborate!

Our speaker this month:

About the speaker: Simon Berkler is co-founder of TheDive and has been working as an entrepreneur and organizational consultant for over 20 years. He studied media and communication sciences and holds a doctorate in media economics. He is a trained systemic and integral organizational developer and has many years of experience in supporting medium-sized and large companies in their respective transformation processes. With TheDive, he works on systemic innovation. Recently, he published the book “The Stellar Approach”, where he examines how a regenerative Economy could look like and what organizations can contribute to making this shift happening.

About the Talk: How do you redesign an entire organization so that it is not only economically healthy, but also cares about preserving and restoring our living environment? And how do you deal with the conflicting goals that arise? The Stellar Approach is a pragmatic transformation toolkit that shows organizations how they can gradually align themselves with sustainable and regenerative business practices and thus both shape the future viability of their own company and contribute to the regenerative transformation of the economy. In his talk, Simon will give an overview of what “regenerative” actually means and will explain how the Stellar Approach as a practice-based framework helps to transform companies from the inside out.

What you will gain from this talk:

  • Deeper understanding of the concept of a “Regenerative Economy”
  • The role of organizations in the realm of regenerative change Overview of the Stellar key elements (principles, practices and virtues)
  • Exchange and discussion on drivers and obstacles of a regenerative shift