According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, over 10 years ago, JPMorgan, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) published a report claiming that “impact investment was an emerging asset class that would reach between $400 billion and $1 trillion in assets under management by 2020.” When 2020 arrived, however, GIIN reported that the market had reached roughly $715 billion in assets under management, while the International Finance Corporation (IFC) estimated it was even higher, at $2.1 trillion. Impact investing is no longer just a philanthropic gesture to support ventures, but a massive movement to transform “Return On Investment” to “Return On Impact.”

Now that the next decade has arrived and the COVID pandemic has disrupted society and our economies, what might impact investment look by 2030?

The Impact Hub Impact Investing Summit aims to provide a window into this future, where a surge in entrepreneurs developing “glocal” (global+local) solutions to the world’s most pressing issues intersects with the next generation of funders implementing triple-bottom-line investing with an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) lens.

From climate change to economic, gender, and racial inequalities to crises in health, education, and more — areas targeted by the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — we know that it will require more inclusion, more ideas, more innovation, and more investment to effectively address all of these issues and get our planet on a positive track by 2030. Join us for this series of discussions and networking sessions to learn from and connect with people at the forefront of our Impact + Investment ecosystem!

Event Schedule // 12:00 PM-5:00 PM CDT

12:00PM -1:00PM : PANEL: Investing in Impact Across the Americas

What is Impact Investing? How are Impact Hubs across North America spurring investor interest in impact ventures, facilitating access to funding for their communities, and supporting alternative funding vehicles and new paths to equitable business ownership/growth?

Join Impact Hub leaders from Monterrey (Mexico), Baltimore (Maryland, US), Minneapolis-St. Paul (Minnesota, US), and Houston (Texas, US) to learn how entrepreneurial ecosystems here and abroad are innovating new ways of fundraising and connecting impact ventures and social entrepreneurs in their communities with the capital and support they need to thrive.

1:00PM-1:20PM : Breaking Ice: Speed Networking

1:30PM-2:15PM : PANEL: Houston: We Have Impact!

Learn first-hand from Houston-based impact ventures about the realities of raising capital in our region, and the opportunities for ESG corporate venture groups and socially responsible investors to put their money to ‘good’ use.

Our panel of impact innovators and social entrepreneurs — including Syzygy Plasmonic, ORDRS, Elastique Athletics, and Global South by South Consulting — will offer a window into the impact investing world from the perspective of the founders and ventures, and share what it’s like to raise capital for energy transition, digital health, consumer goods, and international startups.

Ecosystem stakeholders and the general public are invited to learn:

  • About diverse types of impact ventures and social entrepreneurs;
  • What the fundraising landscape looks like in different verticals; and
  • What individual entrepreneurs’ *real* challenges have been for fundraising in Houston.

2:30PM-3:15PM : PANEL: Attracting Investors

Join seasoned CEOs and entrepreneurs Willy Verbrugghe and Mike Fadden from SBA and SCORE to better understand what investors are looking for and the financing alternatives available to startups. Learn how to raise funding at various stages of growth and and how to cultivate a killer business!

Willy Verbugghe : Willy was born in Belgium; and has been CEO of 6 Billion dollar International Industrial Manufacturing Technology companies and 4 Technology (non IT) startups in ten different industries. He has five masters (Master in Electronics and Semiconductors, Master in Nuclear Science Technology and Radioprotection, Financial Master’s in Business and Administration, Master in International Sales and Marketing and a Master in Operations Improvement). He spoke 8.5 languages during his career, lived in five countries, and worked for twenty thousand people as a servant leader and has had manufacturing plants and service centers in over 186 countries around the world. His nickname is Mr. International. He created more than $ 100 Million dollars of shareholder value per year for every large organization he has run as a leader.

Mike Fadden: Mike founded three non-public start-ups, primarily in the energy and oil & gas sectors. In addition, he was CEO and EVP and served on the boards of two public companies. He is personally familiar with starting up and running a small business, what it takes to grow a business and the hurdles that a young company has to deal with after the start-up phase. His background includes finance, marketing, business development, general management, and company acquisitions and divestitures to support strategic growth plans.

3:15PM-3:30PM : Breaking Barriers: Recent U.S. Senate candidate and former Houston City Council member Amanda Edwards Introduces BEAMW — the Business Ecosystem Alliance for Minorities and Women — and discusses why we need more diverse ideas and inclusive leadership to achieve an equitable future.

3:30PM-4:30PM : PANEL: FundHacking: Achieving Equity in Investing

We know the data by now: Women-led startups receive only 2.3% of venture capital funding, and Black and Latinx founders receive just 2.6% of overall funding. To address these disparities, venture capital firms are advised to: Hire more women and minority investors. Seek more diverse deal flow partners. Invest in emerging fund managers.

But are we missing something?

As VC funds attempt these solutions, could better ones exist? Could we create new opportunities that incorporate “equity” into their foundation from the beginning, rather than trying to patch systems that were founded within existing paradigms of bias and systemic racism?

Join us for a discussion with the BIPOC and female founders of Diversity Fund Houston and NextSeed (now Republic), as we discuss how the next generation of capital may come from emerging and non-traditional investors who are exploring new ways to diversify capital deployment and disrupt investing-as-usual.

4:30PM-5:00PM : Breaking Bread: Social (Impact) Networking

More Details To Come!

The event is finished.

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