Juneteenth Day of Healing

Join Black Girls CODE for a Juneteenth celebration centered on Black joy, creative expression, and healing.

Juneteenth is about freedom. Now more than ever it is important the conversation about Blackness is not solely centered on our death, our suffering, or our pain. We are so much more. We are boundless. We are wild seeds, blooming no matter the soil where we are planted. We are wellsprings of creativity, love, storytelling, passion, and culture. Let us come together and hold space to honor our experiences, be inspired by our resiliency, and forge a new path toward healing and radical self care.

This program will feature reading by two award winning poets Aja Monet and Chinaka Hodge, who will offer up words of love and light. Then we will have a session faciliated by Autumn Brown- writer, speaker, activist, theologian, and cohost of the popular podcast “How to survive the end of the world”. The session will focus on how we contextualize trauma brought on by current events and gaining skills, tools, and strategies for healing.

Join us for this transformative event in honor of our glorious path and brilliant futures. REGISTER HERE: bit.ly/bgcjuneteenth

The event is finished.