KiwiTech BEM Online Demo Day

Network with fellow investors, founders, thought leaders, and partners

Join us for our BEM Demo Day on July 13, 2020.

At KiwiTech, we take pride in building an ecosystem that removes barriers for all and celebrates innovations of every entrepreneur regardless of their color, race and orientation. As our support to the Black Lives Matter movement, we are humbled to launch our Black Entrepreneurs Matter (BEM) Demo Day Series.

Run of the Show:

2:00 PM – Welcome

2:05 PM – KiwiTech Introduction

2:10 PM – Presentations Begin

3:00 PM – Panel Discussion

3:45 PM – Music Performance

4:00 PM – Event Ends

Presenting Companies:

Dauod Thompson, CEO of Process Intel – Process Intel develops Industry 4.0 mobile quality assurance solutions that help manufacturing companies achieve the zero-defect zone. Our solutions combine analytic and reporting tools with process audits, enabling companies to improve quality management while maintaining compliance with regulations and standards. With over 75 years of manufacturing and software development experience, we revolutionize Manufacturing with Data-Driven Decisions. We drastically improve Quality in Manufacturing and advance Operations with web-based technology. Process Intel is driving Excellence in Product Quality by providing the Best of Traceability, Visibility & Accountability.

Terrence Wood, CEO & Founder of Before You Go Pro – Before You Go Pro is an innovative Student-Athlete Development and Mentoring Program, specifically for high school and junior college football players. Due to limited resources at the high school and junior college level, key areas such as Mental Health, Social Etiquette (online and offline), College Academic Standards, Moral Guidance and much more are consistently overlooked and ignored. With Before You Go Pro, athletes can access 24/7 online and mobile content, community, and support. Help us change the culture of this billion dollar sport, by putting the athletes first!

Hope Malveaux, Managing Partner & CEO of ConnectPro – ConnectPro is committed to offering an all-in-one communications platform that promotes inclusiveness for all employees and helps leaders collaborate and streamline company-wide communication to gain transparency and trust within their organizations.

Stephen Myles, Founder of FinTech Merchant Experience (FMx) – FMx has identified the enormous downfalls in the entire merchant payment processing industry, including a huge sense of mistrust and aversion of business owners to merchant payment processors and their traditional sales methods. While payment processing companies clearly provide the benefit of allowing small and medium sized businesses to accept different types of payments, the fees charged to business owners are often obscure and unintelligible, preventing them from accurately pinpointing cost-saving opportunities when dealing with different service providers. By utilizing Financial Technology to offer a merchant processor ranking and comparison tool, FMx helps business owners make better business decisions.

Chuck Ezekwem, Founder of Buble – Buble is a location-enabled social platform that enables users to anonymously check-in to chat, post, and rate location or events in real-time. Post only last for 24 hours.

Darryl Stephens, Founder of Bass Parlour – Bass Parlour is a music-based app that connects local music talent (artists, producers, and audio engineers) for the purpose of collaborating and creating great music together.


1. Alexander Knight, Vice President – Business Development at Cooley LLP

2. Shawn Springs, CEO of WindPact

3. Mina E. Black, Investor at KonnectKapital

4. Juliette-Marie Somerset, CEO & Managing Partner at Somerset Partners

5. Danyel Surrency Jones, CEO & Co-Founder of Powerhandz

Music Performance:

Music Performance by David Davis – “Soulful, vocal powerhouse (and expert showman) David Davis seized the opportunity to work over new listeners by employing tons of crowd interaction, encouraging everyone to sing and dance along throughout. A perfect artist for kicking off one hell of a party, he will, in all likelihood, bypass the local stage in no time; he’s just one proper hit away from becoming a radio fixture.”

The event is finished.