Networking During COVID-19

Making professional connections is critical, but COVID makes it tough – keep your network strong through online marketing & referrals

There are many motivators for people to get out and network. Whatever your reason, the networking landscape has changed a bit in the last decade and even more so with COVID-19. We can no longer attend in-person networking events. And even if we could, for many of us, large group events can be draining on your energy.

Fortunately, if you are savvy with the internet (or willing to learn), you can minimize your “extroverted” marketing efforts in favor of a more introvert-friendly plan.

Getting in front of people is still important, but instead of attending a three-hour networking event, what if you shift your focus to more online marketing (think: writing, social media engagement, etc.) and referrals.

Katie Kalkman is an entrepreneur, personal branding expert, and business development professional who loves networking but knows traditional networking doesn’t work for everyone. She is passionate about leveraging your natural-born talents to design and reach your goals. She has helped over 100 people to find their best job over the last decade. She is co-founder and Executive Director of Impact Hub MSP and founder of a new Folk School in Warroad Minnesota. She brings over 10 years of experience in delivering business outcomes through business development, client relationship management, consultative selling, marketing and strategic planning.

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