Resilience Lab: Build up your Cognitive Resilience

Can we trust our minds?

We are continuing in our Resilience Lab: Strong Individual, Strong Community series!

👉 About the Resilience Lab:

Resilience, the ability to adapt to unexpected changes and adversity, has never been more important than in 2020. To give our community the tools and techniques to develop our resilience, we have created the Resilience Lab series.

In this 4-part series, we will explore the topic of resilience from 3 different angles – inner peace, emotional resilience and cognitive resilience – to develop a toolkit to support our community’s mental health and ability to cope with all the new challenges this year has brought us.

👉About this session:

We trust our minds a lot, because our conscious thinking seems to decide our lives. But 95% of all decisions in life are made by the unconscious, without us – the mind people – even realizing it. Our mind can only think, influenced by the feelings that are present. And our feelings are always faster than the thinking. So, we are all but a rational species.

Resilience in itself is an emotional state that is based on the amount of stress and fear in our lives and our personalities. How can our rational mind understand the emotional base of our personal psyche? That’s the main question this lecture explores.

Only when our mind understands our personal level of resilience, we can trust the mind, to come up with helpful decisions in our lives. Otherwise – to quote John Lennon – „Life is what happens, while we make other plans“.

The lecture will give ample space for self awareness experiences by letting you consciously read the signs of your unconscious. Your conscious mind can only be trusted, once you „know“ how resilient you are in any given situation.

Practical session takeaways:

🔸 Find out how to understand your reaction patterns in stressful situation

🔸 Learn to read the signs of your unconscious

🔸 Learn how to develop an understanding between your mind and your emotions

About our speakers:

⚡️ Dirk Meints has worked as a director for music videos, documentaries and commercials for almost 30 years, before starting out new by following a lifelong passion: Psychology.

Dirk’s quest has always been to find out how our psyche works, why we react the way we do and how we can install positive change, when our emotional interactions bring conflict within ourselves and with others.

Today, Dirk works as Psychological Advisor and Mindfulness Teacher in Vienna, and has a big blog project going, concerning all aspects of the human condition and how to understand them. You’ll find the blog, Dirk’s Workshops and more on

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