Resilience Lab: Build up your Emotional Resilience

Learn how to build and strengthen emotional resilience from perspective of positive psychology.

We are continuing in our Resilience Lab: Strong Individual, Strong Community series!

👉 About the Resilience Lab:

Resilience, the ability to adapt to unexpected changes and adversity, has never been more important than in 2020. To give our community the tools and techniques to develop our resilience, we have created the Resilience Lab series.

In this 4-part series, we will explore the topic of resilience from 3 different angles – inner peace, emotional resilience and cognitive resilience – to develop a toolkit to support our community’s mental health and ability to cope with all the new challenges this year has brought us.

👉About this session:

Your emotional fitness is as important as your physical fitness!

Join us on an interactive workout and learn how to build and strengthen emotional resilience. Bounce back and overcome adversities and setbacks after encountering negative experiences.

Positive psychology promotes science-based emotional, psychological, and social well-being for individuals and teams.

Practical session takeaways:

🔸 Learn actionable tools that you can integrate in your life

🔸 Build more self-awareness and better manage real life challenges

🔸 Develop and strengthen your positive mindset

About our speakers:

⚡️ Gabriele Sauberer (PhD, MBA) is the director of the Vienna international positive psychology school (VIPPS). She is an expert in positive leadership and positive-provocative communication.

Gabriele holds a phd in linguistics and communication science, and an MBA in diversity and innovation management. She is an euppa certified master trainer in positive psychology and the head of certification of the European positive psychology academy.

⚡️ Michael Kurz (MA) is an alumni of Vienna international positive psychology school (VIPPS), an expert and lecturer in Strategy, Design Thinking and Innovation.

He is growing individuals and businesses as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach. Dedicated to create positive change Michael promotes life-long-learning and has designed transformative learning experiences for Universities, Organisations and Creative Business Schools. … Last but not least a community host volunteer at impact hub 😉

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