Resilience Lab: Build up your Inner Peace

Strengthen your Resilience by Connecting and Retaining your Inner Peace through Learning Various Techniques from Field of Yoga

We are continuing in our Resilience Lab: Strong Individual, Strong Community series!

In the kick off session we have introduced you the topic of resilience and tackled it from a couple of angles. Now it´s time to dive deeper and take a closer look into the topic of inner peace.

Our wonderful speaker Annemarie will tell us about why and how it has become her business for you to put and feel your feet on the ground.

And here are some reasons as give away’s already: because it’s beautifully human and it immediately brings you into the here and now.

Annemarie will teach you powerful tools from her praxis for connecting to your inner space and finding peace in challenging times.

At this session you will learn:

🔸 About benefits of meditation, and how to make it a daily habit. Plus you will experience GUIDED MOUNTAIN MEDITATION, to boost resilience & enhance vitality, establish a sense of bringing whole & complete, experience of deeper silence, stillness & wisdom.

🔸 MINDFUL MOVEMENT – OFFICE YOGA . You will get introduced to simple & fun yoga postures that can accompany you through your office and home office day, to increase feeling of well being and to improve your energy level, relieve pain in the lower back or those sore shoulders.

🔸 PRANAYAMA BREATHING – Since breathing is something we can control and regulate, it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear state of mind. Breathing exercises and techniques help relax and calm, energize and reduce stress and aid symptoms ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.


Annemarie is an Austro | American, global citizen, a fast paced 6-figure Income, New York City Corporate Career Girl, turned Yogi, Reiki & Human Energy worker, Artist and Host & Producer of VENUSfrequency, a yogic radio show, currently living in Vienna, Austria.

During the impact of a skydiving accident in 2003, she promised the gods, to keep her feet on the ground, and that has become the essence and calling of her life and teachings.

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