Skillshare Breakfast:  NLP4Good – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

How to overcome limiting beliefs and step into you full potential

In this session you will learn what NLP is and show how we can use it to overcome limiting beliefs that keep us from stepping into our potential.

Especially in times of crisis, insecure conditions and change this is a really helpful skill to have.

Apart from being super practical, this skill, if applied regularly, will give you an incredible amount of freedom and openness for synchronicities and magic in your life.

The workshop will be partly theoretical and partly practical, so prepare for some of your limiting beliefs to be busted.

🔥 What will you learn about at this Skillshare Breakfast?

➡️ Basic knowledge about NLP (for good) and how the mind works

➡️ A worksheet and method about “How to work with limiting beliefs”

➡️ A practical session in which we’ll work with your own exemplary limiting belief(s)

➡️ A mini meditation included

☀️ About the presenter:

Erika is a passionate mindset magician for conscious creators.

Apart from being a systemic coach and NLP master she was always fascinated by the ways the mind works. As founder and co-founder of many social impact projects and her year-long work as a graphic designer for “good” and mindful marketing consultant she knows the challenges of someone who wants to make this world a better place, earn some serious money and stay healthy in body, mind and soul at the same time inside-out.

Currently she offers mindset coaching, mindful marketing guidance and branding services for those who are on the path from finding their passion to founding their impact business.

Follow her on:

👉 instagram/erika.minou

👉 website

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