Sustainable Small Business Growth – Automation and Integration Solutions

Maintaining or growing your business during a pandemic is a challenge; learn about automation processes to save time and focus on growth.

Maintaining and growing a business during a pandemic is a challenge which can take a toll on our budgets and our schedules. Out of the dozens of time-saving offers we receive every day, how can we find the products and services that will actually help us run a leaner business?

David Ly founded Bizarre Solutions to help small business owners find the right tools to run their business efficiently, so you can spend more time operating your business and less time on marketing or finances. Join this interactive conversation about automation services that actually save money and increase productivity for your business.

David Ly is an entrepreneur, Global Shaper, Impact Hub board member, and founder of Bizarre Solutions LLC. Bizarre Solutions democratizes technology to help non-profits, local governments, and small businesses adapt and sustainably grow to a complex, data-driven economy by unlocking the exponential power of real-time analytics.

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