The Newcomer Toolkit for Business & Work

Are you a newcomer to Canada? Looking for digital skills to make your next career move or launch your business? We’re here to help!

From February 17 to March 17, join us for The Newcomer Toolkit for Business & Work, a series of workshops and supports that will help you build on your knowledge, skills and connections to grow your career or start your business in a digital-first world.

Digital skills for a digital-first world

You’ll learn from seasoned professionals, including newcomers like you, who will help you gain the digital skills you need to grow your career or start your business, through practical, skill-building workshops about:

  • Storytelling: Clearly communicating your experience and skills online.
  • Networking: Building good relationships with the right people in your industry — even if you can’t meet in-person.
  • Digital Marketing and Communications: Impressing anyone that Googles you or your business.
  • E-commerce: Starting a successful online store.

This is more than just a workshop series.

By participating in The Newcomer Toolkit, you will also get access to coaching, and long-term, guided learning — including a free three-month virtual membership to Impact Hub Ottawa, a vibrant, local community of social innovators (more info below). Learn more about the workshops, presenters, and program on our website!

Who can join

To participate, you should be:

  • A Permanent Resident in Canada for less than five years, or a Refugee or Protected Person in Canada for less than five years.
  • A resident of Ontario.
  • Comfortable communicating in English at a CLB level 6 or higher.
  • Note: English Closed Captioning may be available upon request. Please indicate your preferences in the order form and we will be in touch.

How this works

When you sign-up for The Newcomer Toolkit, you will be registered for:

  • 4 live, virtual workshops, covering storytelling, networking, digital marketing and communications, and e-commerce. (You choose whether to attend on Wednesday or Friday)
  • Access to one-on-one coaching with experts
  • 1 final Support Showcase, connecting you to local service providers
  • Free, 3-month Virtual Membership to Impact Hub Ottawa

Delivered via Zoom, these workshops will be taught by successful Canadian business people and newcomers who understand what you’re going through. Each workshop is two hours long and will take place once a week, for four weeks.

Important: You get to decide when you want to join these workshops — either every Wednesday from 6-8pm OR every Friday from 9-11am.

After you have finished these four workshops, you will be invited to join a Virtual Support Showcase, happening on March 17. During this event, you’ll hear from people who work with organizations that support newcomers in Ottawa. This is your chance to ask them questions, and network with leaders who can help you grow your business or your career.

What you’ll learn

As a newcomer, you face unique challenges to growing your business, or your career. That’s why The Newcomer Toolkit is more than just a workshop series — by joining, you’ll get access to coaching, and long-term, guided learning that doesn’t stop when your last workshop does.

By the end of our program, you will have gained:

  • A stable foundation to grow your business or career, with practical skills on storytelling, networking, marketing and communications, and e-commerce, and
  • Lasting bridges with local business and community leaders, with the chance to continue growing your network as a member of Impact Hub Ottawa, for *free* (details below).

Impact Hub Ottawa

Impact Hub Ottawa is a community and coworking space that inspires, connects and enables people working to create meaningful change in the world.

By participating in The Newcomer Toolkit, you can apply to get three months of *free* access to Impact Hub Ottawa’s virtual membership.

This free virtual membership is available for up to 75 participants. To redeem, all you have to do is fill out an end-of-program survey.

The event is finished.