Towards a more resilient food system

Let’s take a closer look at how the food system and the circular economy have evolved and gained momentum during the pandemic

At this event the focus will be set on challenges and opportunities within the food system.

By addressing the experience and opinions of our speakers, we want to see how the discourse around the food system in the EU and Switzerland is being shaped. We also focus on exploring what is needed to meet the challenges that come with the food system transformation and what solutions or ideas are provided by different actors and institutions in Europe.

This will lead us to having a closer look at how themes relating to the food system and the circular economy have evolved/co-evolved and gained momentum amongst EU and also Swiss citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a huge economical crisis to the world economic system, exposing the fragility of a global agrifood system. During the panel discussion we want to investigate what are the issues that came with this fragility and how we can make a transition towards more resilient food systems. Come join us, be inspired and connect with interesting people.

The event will be held in English and participation is on a donation basis.


18:00 Introduction & welcome

18:10 Keynote speakers

Mario Roccaro, EIT Food and EU Food Ecosystem (Programme Manager Education, EIT Food)

Peleg Chevion, Supply Chain: Farm to Fork (Global Commercial Head at Invaio Sciences/ former Chief Commercial Officer at Blendhub)

Manuel Klarmann, Accelerating Sustainable Food Future (CEO and Co-Founder Eaternity)

18:50 Panel discussion – Moderator: Markus Hurschler (Managing Partner Foodways)

19:10 Breakout sessions

19:20 Closing

Cost: Suggested donation of CHF 15. This event is free of charge, however participants will have the opportunity to donate during the webinar to Foodways and the Impact Hub Basel, to support the work of these associations. Donation-based tickets are also available during online registration (paypal).


Food System Transformation (FST) Circle is a part of the Circular Economy Transition (CET) initiative at Impact Hub Basel (IHBS). The goal of the FST Circle is to explore the benefits of the transition to a more regenerative food system. It has been shown that the linear food system we are witnessing now is no longer suitable for the 21st century and that a new circular model is required. FST Circle is focused on bringing different stakeholders together in order to encourage relevant discussions.

Circular Economy Transition is a pioneer initiative that aims at accelerating the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy. It currently takes place in 5 Swiss cities – Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich. The program is initiated and being implemented in close collaboration with Impact Hub Switzerland, sanu durabilitas and with the support of the MAVA foundation.

Foodways: With unique people and partnerships, Foodways is an interdisciplinary hub for a sustainable food industry. Foodways was born with nothing less than the idea of fundamentally transforming food systems based on scientific evidence. Through pioneering projects with the private sector, government agencies and civil society, the team has built their expertise in resource efficiency and food systems transformation. Foodways offers solutions that help clients to sustainably change business models in the food industry – Interdisciplinary. Innovative. Effective.


Please note that by registering and participating in this event, you agree to the recording of your appearance and/or your voice, which Verein Impact Hub Basel can publish in photos, videos and accompanying sound recordings via online and offline media and for marketing purposes.

The event is finished.

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