Virtual Essential Small Business Marketing Tools for Federal Contracting

Market research tools and techniques for federal contracting

Who in the federal marketplace buys my products or services?  Are there enough opportunities in the federal government to justify getting certified?  How can a small business certification help me?  How can I successfully compete for federal contracts?  We will provide you the tools needed to help you answer all these questions in this two-hour virtual workshop on August 12th @ 10:00 a.m. (Central Time).

We will cover:

  • Market research (identify your federal customer)
  • How to effectively market your business to the government
  • How to reach out to the appropriate government contacts

Handout and slides will be available for download prior to registration (stay tune for more information).

Anyone interested in doing business with the Federal government, must register with the System for Beta System Award Management (SAM) at There is no charge for the registration. View the short clip below for more information on how to register with Beta-SAM.

The event is finished.