Your Brain & Healthy Longevity The Science, The Innovators and Collaboration Opportunities

An aging population is forcing focus on neurodegenerative diseases. A combination of approaches from prevention, intervention and cure will require an increased understanding of the causes and the mechanisms of the degenerative process. Join us for a perspective on the latest approaches to keeping our brain function healthy as we age.  
  • The Science: Pathways for therapeutic intervention, big data and early detection/prevention and genetic approaches
  • The Innovators: Companies building out new approaches to diagnosing, preventing and fighting neurodegeneration.
  • Collaboration and Funding opportunities: Learn about areas of interest from the Dementia Discovery Fund, J&J and the NIH – National Institute on Aging.  These leaders will discuss collaboration opportunities as well as strengthened initiatives and funding from the NIA.

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Jan 27 2021


00:00 - 00:00