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Tools and Mindsets for Systems Change

"We can't solve a problem with the same thinking that we used to create it". - EinsteinSystems change is about addressing the root cause of social problems. 'Solutions' to pervasive […]

The Impact of E-commerce on the Economy, the Environment and Society

Let's explore the impact of eCommerce on the economy, the environment and society.Online sales were already growing strongly before the pandemic and have exploded since. As consumers continue to shop online even as we emerge from the pandemic and the economy reopens, join us this BBL to discuss the positives and the negatives of the […]

Social Finance & You: Innovative Ways to Fund Your Social Enterprise

All about how to ease your financial heartaches so your enterprise can grow big, strong, and social.Social finance seems like a high-flying alternative to banks, but it’s not. It’s you, and me, and places like Impact Hub Ottawa using the same financial methods but for the betterment of society. For social entrepreneurs who might be […]

Tackling Food Insecurity Through Social Enterprise

An unconscionable number of people are food insecure in our communities across Canada.For decades, social safety nets have been eroded and food banks have done their best to fill gaps in food access. Guelph-based social enterprise The SEED believes that gaps in affordable access to food can be filled using the social enterprise approach. At […]

Mythbusting Government Procurement

There is a $23 billion market right next door, and thousands of small businesses benefit from it.Representatives from the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises can help you understand what opportunities there are and how to best position yourself.Louis-Martin Parent oversees a team dedicated to the support of small businesses in their efforts to do […]