How to Create a Compelling Pitch Deck

How to Create a Compelling Pitch Deck

“How to Create a Compelling Pitch Deck” will help you craft your pitch deck and “Ask” to confidently engage potential investors and clients!

Many entrepreneurs struggle to deliver a clear narrative and compelling pitch to potential clients or investors, and subsequently lose opportunities for revenue and income.

In this engaging webinar, Impact Hub Houston CEO Grace Rodriguez takes you through a proven step-by-step approach to refine your narrative and create a compelling pitch deck with a logical flow, so that you can confidently engage your target audience and clearly communicate your value proposition.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know…

  • The major errors entrepreneurs make when pitching
  • The key elements investors consider in a pitch, before engaging you further
  • How to clarify your “Value Proposition” into a single-sentence statement
  • How you should present your ideas on a slide-deck
  • How to make the most of our easy-to-use pitch deck template

By registering for this workshop, you’ll receive…

  1. A free download of our Startup Pitch Deck Template
  2. An hour of interactive virtual instruction, including role playing on how to pitch effectively
  3. Q&A

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs at all stages — whether you’re about to launch your business or have an established business and need to create or refine your pitch deck.

Your Questions

This is not just a webinar presentation. We plan this as an interactive workshop with the speaker available for live questions and answers (“Q&A”) throughout, to help you figure things out while the content is fresh in your mind. We’ll also give you road-tested tips for engaging stakeholders that have evolved over a decade and been validated by hundreds of investors.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a proven system for creating your own compelling pitch!

Our Expert Speaker

Grace Rodriguez knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the funding fence. As an entrepreneur and non-profit leader, she has helped raise funds for her own ventures, securing capital from major stakeholders, angel investors, bankers, family and friends, and even government and non-profit grants.

As a frequent startup mentor, advisor, and pitch competition judge for accelerators and incubators including MassChallenge, Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute, Capital Factory, WeWork Labs, and Rice University’s Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Grace reviews hundreds of pitch decks a year. Through this experience and her time at DFJ Mercury (now “Mercury Fund”), she has learned what venture capitalists and angel investors look for, with access to over 1,000 investors in a variety of industries. Grace has developed a keen understanding on why so many businesses fail to secure the funding they need in the start-up and growth phases, and which approaches to raising capital really work. She is keen to share with you what happens behind the scenes when investors evaluate and discuss deals!

Connect with Grace on LinkedIn

*** PLEASE NOTE: To make this event as safe and accessible as possible for the entire Impact Hub community, this workshop will be delivered online via Zoom. Register to ensure that you receive the link to participate, which will arrive in your inbox shortly before the event starts. Any content shared during this workshop is proprietary and copyrighted: By registering for the workshop, we offer you license to copy and repurpose the pitch deck template, only. ***



Houston: The day is here. We are officially launching Impact Hub Houston as a nonprofit organization to inspire, connect and empower the Greater Houston area’s changemakers, social entrepreneurs and impact supporters; and make Houston a role model for how the world solves its most pressing issues!

We have a few exciting announcements to share, but first, we want to let you know…over the past few months, our Launch Team has dived deep into discussion around who we are, who we aim to serve, how we want to create and amplify impact, and what we want to implement and offer to do so. Those conversations led us to be more intentional about the language we use, because language shapes how we think — and how we think shapes what we do.

Acknowledging that, we refined our Vision and Mission to more accurately represent the change we wish to be in the world:

  • Our Vision: To make Houston a role model for how the world solves its most pressing issues.
    We have heard time and again how other cities are building strong innovation ecosystems, from Chicago to Cincinnati to Detroit. Guess what: Houston is, too! We will shine a spotlight on our own city and elevate the people, businesses, and organizations who have been pioneering progress under the radar. While we champion an inclusive impact-driven innovation ecosystem, we will partner with more organizations across the region to collaboratively transform Greater Houston into a model that the rest of the world aspires to learn from and become.
  • Our Mission: To inspire, connect, and empower changemakers, social entrepreneurs, and impact supporters with mentorship, sponsorship, meaningful content, thought-provoking talks, hands-on learning opportunities, and vibrant community conversations. To create inclusive and equitable environments where people plug in and actively advocate for each other. To deepen and strengthen relationships among stakeholders to build an innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures, identities, geography, and generations.
    As a member of the Impact Hub global network, we support people who are developing solutions aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through our collective experience, we’ve found that the kind of support that changemakers and entrepreneurs need most take the forms of guidance, connections, funding, and advocacy. We’ve shaped our mission to directly address those needs while making sure that we hold ourselves accountable to meet people where they are and foster stronger understanding, engagement, and support across the diverse communities of Houston.

Through that lens, we are pleased to announce the following programs and collaborations we’re working on to deliver on our Vision and Mission:

#321IMPACT: We are launching our crowdfunding campaign March 21 to help us secure a long-term home to grow the Impact Hub Houston community, increase our capacity for entrepreneur-centered events and services, and hire full-time staff to effectively implement impactful membership and mentorship programs.

We have launched the Impact Hub Houston Community Calendar — a one-stop place to find events relevant to the Houston startup community.

We will soon announce our first pop-up location, which will allow us to incubate Impact Hub Houston while maintaining flexibility to test programming in other locations and neighborhoods.

We are bringing an established accelerator program to Houston to help early-stage entrepreneurs who represent Houston’s diversity to access startup education and statewide mentors.

We are creating a curated, personalized, and *tracked* mentorship program to ensure we are helping entrepreneurs effectively learn and grow, while holding ourselves accountable for results.

We are developing an Impact Academy program to help social enterprises effectively engage with corporate social innovation groups.

We are working with The Cannon leadership to deliver impact-focused programming at their locations across Houston!

We are coordinating The Houston Innovation Summit 2019!

We are organizing TEDxHouston 2019, and preparing for TEDxHouston’s Tenth Anniversary in 2020!

… In the days and weeks ahead, we will introduce you to the Impact Hub Houston Launch Team, share more details on these programs and events, and unveil so much more that we have in store.

Want to be a part of it? We invite you to subscribe, volunteer, mentor, and — most important of all — DONATE! With your help, we can achieve even greater impact for Houston!

Many thanks to Goodspero for generously recording and editing the video (; and to Andrew Karnavas of YAWP Records for generously editing the audio (!