[email protected]: Hackathon, with a twist!

ONE-day weekend gathering of Houston community college student & teams organized to address specifically defined challenges!

Using a fast-paced ‘hackathon” process and methodology, teams will be introduced to the overall global issues by subject matter experts, choose a challenge to address, receive mentoring and feedback in generating app showcases and integrated solutions, and present their app ideas in a virtual setting to a set of judges for awards and recognition after a community showcase all on the same day!

Basically, after students work together brainstorming, planning, and prototyping an app, they will create a presentation that they’ll pitch to a panel of judges during the showcase. The event concludes with the recognition of students and a celebration of all participants!

So at the [email protected], you can do anything from design an app and showcase your ingenuity by making something uniquely creative based on a given theme of Community Wellness, with a special focus on COVID-19!

Teams can consist of 2-5 members and you will have approximately 3 hours to create something amazing! and Yes, you can do it by yourself, but it won’t be the same!

Hackathons, like the [email protected] are a can’t miss experience! You can learn something new, make something that the world has never seen before, and win some amazing cash prizes!

Presented by HCC Southwest Center for Entrepreneurship and HCC Digital and Information Technology. Together we are hosting a one-day virtual hackathon for current and aspiring students to showcase APP Ideas, Celebrate Ingenuity.  Designing apps is a great way for students to work together to solve problems in our school or community. And we want to give aspiring coders a chance to celebrate their ingenuity as they present their ideas and share their solutions with peers, families, teachers, and the community.