Open Project Night: Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

Open Project Night: Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth

Let’s hack solutions together for Houston as we discuss how to promote inclusive and sustained economic growth and decent work for all!

Impact Hub Houston is proud to bring you a monthly opportunity to come together to work on solutions for some of Houston’s most pressing issues. Our city is full of changemakers across all ages, cultures, skillsets, and industries. This is your chance to conned and collaborate for the greater good.

Open Project Night has been hosted across the Impact Hub global network for a few years, and we are carrying the torch locally to support #Changemakers, #SocialEntrepreneurs, and #ImpactSupporters in their efforts to create the change they wish to see in the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • New theme each month in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Anyone can sign up to participate (whether you have an idea/project or just want to provide feedback, advice, or support)
  • 1-2 guest speakers will kick-off project presentations
  • Open Mic for anyone else to pitch will follow (2 min max per pitch)
  • Everyone moves to the virtual working room for open networking & collaboration

February’s theme is SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 8 from a global context:

Event Schedule // 5:00 PM-6:30 PM CST

5:00-5:30pm Open Networking

5:30-5:55pm Project Presentations + Q&A

Your Open Pitch should be max of 2 mins each and answer the following questions before the community can provide feedback:

  1. Brief personal introduction + What is your project/idea?
  2. What stage are you currently at? (idea/testing/implementation etc)
  3. What are your next series of steps?
  4. What are you currently looking for in the way of talent/skills from the community?

5:55-6:25pm Move over to the Working Floor to connect and collaborate with other changemakers.

6:25pm-6:30pm Closing and Next Steps

About Our Guest Speaker

The Black Marketing Initiative: In June 2020, our squad conducted a campaign called “The Community Checkup” to check on SMBs in our community during COVID, and see how we could help. We surveyed 226 small [mostly Black] businesses. The response was overwhelming. At least 100 of these businesses needed business and marketing services to survive but could no longer afford them.

The Community Checkup influenced the creation of the Black Marketing Initiative (#MarketBlack). The purpose of #MarketBlack is to produce a thriving black business community in Houston through marketing and business education and research. Through the initiative, we will increase Black SMB success and sustainability. We believe that by equipping our Black SMBs, we can enhance our communities without gentrification, and through community reinvestment.

The Black Marketing Initiative is not just about being Black, it is also about the belief that community can positively impact us all. Successful Black Business is Good for Business. Good for Community. Good for Everybody. Together #WeAllCanWin!

Learn more about the initiative: