Business Alternatives for the Entrepreneur: Start a New Business, Buy an Existing, or Franchise?

You want to own a business but you face a choice. Should I start up a new business, should I buy an existing business or should I buy a franchise? We will review the ten most important factors you need to consider in evaluating each of the above alternatives.

You’ll also gain valuable insight into these related questions:

  • What management experience is required?
  • Is funding one alternative easier than funding another?
  • Will I control my own destiny? What are the valuation metrics?

Presenter: Mike Fadden, SCORE counselor Mike has founded three private companies in the energy sector. He was CEO of two and EVP of the third. At various times, he has been involved in oil and gas marketing and risk management, business development, acquisition and divestitures, and financing public offerings and private placements. Mike also managed a hydrocarbon exploration program for a chemical company and he was a staff accountant for a Big 8 accounting firm early in his career.