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Impact Hub Houston is a locally rooted, globally connected, impact innovation incubator that inspires, connects and empowers people working to solve the most pressing issues of our region and beyond…especially those that impact historically marginalized communities. Working alongside ~100 Impact Hubs with 17,000+ members spanning over countries around the world—the world’s largest community recognized by the United Nations for accelerating entrepreneurial solutions towards measurable and scalable impact for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—we offer intentional, inclusive, and international support to help diverse innovators and idea- to early-stage startups create the change they wish to see in their communities.



We believe Houston can be a role model for how the world solves its most pressing issues.


To inspire, connect, and empower diverse changemakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators with mentorship, meaningful content, thought-provoking talks, hands-on learning opportunities, and vibrant community conversations.

To create inclusive and equitable spaces where people can easily plug in, experience belonging, and actively champion each other.

To deepen and strengthen collaborative relationships among stakeholders and build an ecosystem where people work together across industries, cultures, identities, geographies, and generations.

What Drives Us

We believe that you care about Houston and want to help it grow and thrive.

You’re here. You showed up. And your interest in who we are and what we do shows that you want to improve Houston by helping changemakers, social entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups build solutions that create positive impact. Don’t stop here: JOIN US. We know that together, we can deliver that impact at scale.





Why we need Impact Hub Houston

Houston is one of America’s greatest cities in every respect. We’re home to:

  • One of the largest and most diverse populations in the country
  • One of the largest ports
  • The world’s largest medical center
  • One of the largest concentrations of Fortune 1000 company headquarters
  • One of the nation’s largest Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSA) — the Greater Houston region is larger than New Jersey, and almost as large as the state of Massachusetts!

The greatness of Houston means we also face great challenges — just ask our friends at the Kinder Institute and January Advisors. Not all Houstonians can access our myriad resources nor enjoy the same benefits our city offers…and not all face the same social and environmental issues. We must meet people where they in terms of geography, generation, education, mobility, class, culture, life stages and startup stages, and devise ways to foster empathy, understanding, connection and collaboration among our immense community.

To address these issues, we offer:

Inclusive and Equitable Spaces

Impact Hub Houston is building an innovation ecosystem that inspires, connects, and empowers all people working on solutions towards any of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We welcome problem solvers from all areas and at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey — even those who may not have had exposure or effective training in modern technologies and business practices before. With respect to SDGs 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 10 (Reducing Inequalities), and 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), we especially seek to support changemakers who come from and/or wish to serve historically disadvantaged, overlooked or underserved communities.

Wherever you are on your impact journey, we want to meet you there and help you get to the next level. We can help you connect with peers and mentors, ideate and validate potential solutions, and build sustainable models around your idea so you can forge your own path to economic resilience and wealth, create jobs and opportunities for others, and successfully participate in the innovation economy. If you’re ready to get started, JOIN US!

Authentic and Collaborative Community

Impact Hub Houston engages and connects a vibrant community of entrepreneurial changemakers who are passionate about building a better future and are dedicated to creating positive impact in our city.

We screen Impact Hub Houston members for:
– alignment of purpose and impact orientation
– ability to support other members with respect as true peers
– willingness to contribute to our culture of collaboration and servant leadership
– genuine effort to learn, share ideas and develop social ventures

Intentional Programming and Placemaking

We champion inclusive, impact-driven innovation by providing an integrated platform and thoughtful programming that meets problem solvers where they are, shares entrepreneurial knowledge, connects diverse communities, and bridges resource gaps.

We host collaborative programs and events in our space and at partner venues across Houston in order to inspire and inform innovators with meaningful content, thought-provoking discussions, expert-led talks, hands-on learning opportunities, and facilitated community conversations.

Our recurring programs and special events include:

– Open Project Nights with Sketch City
– F.U.N. Stories with Creative Vida and the French American Chamber of Commerce
– SDG-Themed Expert Roundtables and Hackathons
– Global Entrepreneurship Week
THIS: The Houston Innovation Summit

​The lens through which we view our impact


The music makers and dreamers of dreams


Grace Rodriguez

CEO / Executive Director

Michelle Avalos

Deputy Director

Carlos Sotelo

Young Leaders Council

Dolores Lozano

Young Leaders Council

Jaison Oliver

Young Leaders Council

The fuel to our fire and wind beneath our wings


Board Chair: Phillip Yates

Attorney, Law Office of Yates & Associates
Senior Consultant, Houston Area Urban League

Vice Chair: Erik Ibarra

Founder/CEO, ORDRS.io
Board Member, Houston Exponential

Secretary: Shiroy Aspandiar

Co-Founder, Impact Hub Houston
Co-Founder/COO, Ladder

Brandy Guidry

Director of Business Development
MVG Energy Solutions

Jeff Reichman

Founder, January Advisors
Founder, Sketch City

Kevin Doffing

Energy Transition Startups & Veteran Businesses

grace rodriguez

(Non-Voting: Grace Rodriguez)

Co-Founder / Executive Director

grace rodriguez

(Non-Voting: Michelle Avalos)

Co-Founder / Deputy Director

(Emeritus: Jamie Jones)

Executive Director, Duke’s Fuqua Center for Entrepreneurship

The allies, collaborators and supporters helping scale our impact


Houston Downtown Management District
Houston Downtown Management District
The Cannon Houston
HCC logo
The sherpas and shoulders of giants


Shiroy Aspandiar

Co-Founder / Board Member

Jose Avalos

Primagen Media

Ana Rojas Bastidas

Founder / CEO

Trevor Best

Syzygy Plasmonics

Ria Bhatnagar

Social Enterprise Strategist
Impact Hub Houston

Jesse Bounds

Director of Innovation
City of Houston

Heath Butler

Urban Capital Network

Lauren Caldarera

Development Director
TX/RX Labs

Taylor Chapman

Senior Vice President
Nationswell Council

Abe Chu


Dorian Cockrell

Manager – Workforce Operations
Houston-Galveston Area Council

Marcelo Cordini

VP Business Development & Product Strategist
December Labs

Kevin Doffing

Energy Transition

Carlos Estrada

Labs Manager
WeWork Labs

Javier Fadul

Director of Innovation
HTX Labs

Emma Fauss

Medical Informatics

Juliana Garaizar

Board Member
Angel Capital Association

Paloma Garcia


Steven Gonzalez

Technology Transfer Strategist

Lawson Gow

The Cannon

Phil de la Gueronniere

Founder / CEO

Denise Hamilton

Founder / CEO
Watch Her Work

Reda Hicks

Founder/CEO, GotSpot
Senior Counsel, Panalpina

Joy Hutton

Founder, OnTheGoGlam
Principal, Joy of Consulting

Munir Ibrahim

Texas Healthcare & Hospice

Erik Ibarra

Founder/CEO, ORDRS.io
Board Member, HX

Andrew Karnavas

Founder / CEO
YAWP Records, Just Add Beats

Emily Keeton

M&A Eecutive
Serial Entrepreneur

Chris Knapp

Collaboration Capital

Paul Kwiatkowski


Lilly Liu

Senior Investment Analyst
Mercury Fund

Maria Maso


Lee Mayfield

Owlfa LLC

Leah Mayo

FOUND Experience

Erin McClarty

Erin McClarty, PLLC

Roberto Moctezuma

Founder / CEO
Fractal River

Panos Moutafis

Zenus Biometrics

Diana Murakhovskaya

Artemis Fund

Marc Nathan

VP, Client Strategy
Egan Nelson LLP

Jon Nordby

Managing Director

Hesam Panahi

Rice Entrepreneurship Initiative

Jeff Reichman

Founder, January Advisors
Founder, Sketch City

Assata Richards

Founding Director
Sankofa Research Institute

Carolyn Rodz


Marcus Rydberg

Co-Founder / CTO

Samira Salman

Salman Solutions

Courtenay Siegfried

20K Group

Sarma Velamuri

Co-Founder / CEO

Kevin Valdez


Roland von Kurnatowski

President, TX/RX Labs

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