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Join a Community of Changemakers.


Impact Hub Houston is a locally rooted and globally connected community working to inspire, connect, and empower people who are creating sustainable solutions with scalable impact. 


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Impact Hub helps changemakers move their ideas from intention to action to impact.

The world’s largest collective dedicated to spaces for social entrepreneurship, Impact Hub builds collaborative communities for impact at scale with over 17,000 members at 102+ locations in over 50 countries spanning five continents.

We mobilize local communities for global action.

Impact Hub connects communities around the world to ensure deeper dialogue and inclusive action, while building a shared database that makes insights available to global changemakers.

Working with the United Nations, we help people create meaningful solutions to local and global challenges by fostering entrepreneurial innovation and collaboration around the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs address social, economic and ecological challenges, including poverty, hunger, healthcare, education, energy, infrastructure, inequality, decent work, economic growth, climate, peace and justice. We use the SDGs to create thematic clusters of interest and practice that help align and activate partnerships, programs, and initiatives for more targeted and effective results.



Impact Hub Houston aims to bridge knowledge and resource gaps for people who are working to solve social problems, especially those who come from and/or want to serve historically underserved or underresourced communities, or who have not had effective exposure to modern technologies and business practices.

We will help these problem-solvers connect with peers and mentors, ideate potential solutions, validate ideas, and create sustainable models around their most viable solutions so that they can forge their own paths to economic resilience and wealth, create jobs and opportunities for others, and successfully contribute to the local and global innovation economy.


Impact Hub Houston aims to inspire innovators with expert talks, meaningful programs, thought-provoking content, hands-on learning opportunities, special events and curated conversations.

Our regular programs and special events include:

  • Open Project Nights with Sketch City
  • F.U.N. Stories with Creative Vida and the French American Chamber of Commerce
  • SDG-Themed Expert Roundtables and Hackathons
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • THIS: The Houston Innovation Summit



Impact Hub Houston connects and convenes a vibrant community of entrepreneurial problem solvers who are passionate about being the change they wish to see in the world and are dedicated to creating positive impact in our city.

We screen members for: 

  • alignment of purpose and impact orientation
  • ability to support other members with respect as true peers
  • willingness to contribute to our culture of servant leadership
  • genuine effort to share ideas and develop social ventures


The greatness of Houston means that our diversity is similarly scaled: We can’t assume that all Houstonians enjoy the same benefits that different parts of our city offer. We must meet people where they are in terms of access to resources, geography, education, experience, life stages and startup stages.

Impact Hub Houston offers people both a virtual platform and a physical space with a variety of resources, flexible access and  functional infrastructure designed to foster interaction, facilitate deep work, and enable innovators to meet, learn and connect. 

Our Mission


Impact Hub Houston champions inclusive, impact-driven innovation by inspiring, connecting, and empowering people who are working to create sustainable solutions and scalable social ventures across our region.

We provide a thoughtful platform and results-oriented programming that meets problem-solvers where they are, connects diverse communities, spreads entrepreneurial knowledge, and helps bridge resource gaps.

Get Involved

Want to put your business knowledge, soft skills and/or tech expertise to good use? Want to help local problem-solvers and entrepreneurs launch and grow new businesses? Or do you just want to help out at a future event? Please fill out the linked form and we’ll contact you about upcoming opportunities!

Upcoming Events

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