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Impact Hub made sure that all the basics of launching impact ventures and entrepreneurship (in general) were covered during their Founder’s Workshop. I found it very helpful to review empirical evidence from material such as the “Lean Startup,” the “Founder’s Dilemma,” etc. while also viewing use case scenarios from successful impact ventures. Overall, I found that the material was very comprehensive yet summarized in a way that helped us quickly grasp the core concepts. I was really amazed by how much I learned in only 2 days.

Aside from the material, the networking opportunity was priceless! From my perspective, the impact venture ecosystem is fairly nascent in Houston and Impact Hub gave us an opportunity to get plugged in at the start of this movement. Finally, the entire Impact Hub team was world class! I felt that they were very genuine and were dedicated to building a strong ecosystem for impact-driven individuals in Houston.

Thony K. Ngumbu

Founder & CEO, Mwinda Technologies


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