Earn Your Freedom ignites financial literacy education by leveraging gamification through its innovative video game Money Quest.

Earn Your Freedom (EYF) is excited to announce the launch of its first crowdfunding campaign in collaboration with Impact Hub Houston, to make learning about personal finance and economics fun and accessible!

Aimed at raising funds and awareness for financial literacy education, the campaign highlights the founders’ mission to create the financial education program they wish they’d had, to help the next generation avoid the financial pitfalls they encountered.

EYF is more than a company, it’s a personal mission born out of our passion for promoting financial freedom and security. It all began with our founder, Grant, looking to solve his own financial struggles. Buried in student loans, drowning in credit card debt, and living paycheck to paycheck, just like 70% of Americans, he understood the urgent need for change.

Co-founder Keely’s journey towards financial literacy was sparked by a tragedy, followed by costly errors. After the sudden loss of her mother and stepfather, she received a life insurance payout. However, being just 17 and unaware of the true value of money or where to best allocate it, she made ill-advised investment decisions that wiped out any financial cushion she might have had.

Grant’s and Keely’s personal experiences have inspired them to make a real difference by creating an engaging and accessible financial learning platform through Money Quest, which immerses players in real-life financial scenarios, teaching critical skills and knowledge necessary for financial empowerment. It’s built on three pillars:

  • Financial literacy education through gaming.
  • Empowering individuals through knowledge and creativity.
  • Building partnerships for a lasting community impact.

EYF believes everyone should have the right to gain the knowledge and skills for sound financial decision-making. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to support their campaign to bring Money Quest to more youth, especially those facing challenging educational and financial circumstances in historically disadvantaged communities. EYF’s ultimate goal: To help people break out of the cycle of financial struggle, and forge a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

“I was once told that if you want to make a million dollars, then you need to help a million people. As I continued to think about this I tried solving the problem of my own lack of financial education. The deeper I got into solving this problem the more I realized all of my friends and family were financially illiterate as well as most of our country. The new question of “What would a financially literate society look like?” came up. I don’t know the answer, but I would like to find it and help solve this problem for all 331.9 million Americans.”
-Grant Watkins Co-Founder & CEO

“We envision a society where financial literacy is accessible to all, and where individuals are enabled with the tools to take control of their financial futures. Growing up, I never received a financial education, and have first-hand made costly mistakes that, if different, could have changed the trajectory of my life. I want to be sure no one has to suffer the same mistakes I did, and through gamification, we can make learning engaging and effective. We are bridging the gap between education and application, stepping in before the real-world consequences take place.”
-Keely McEnery Earn Your Freedom Co-Founder and COO

The Greater Houston region is home to one of the nation’s most entrepreneurial and diverse communities. This campaign seeks to reach individuals from all walks of life, equipping them with the tools necessary for financial success and stability. For more information on the campaign, and to partner on better outcomes for our region’s young people, please reach out to Grant Watkins at [email protected].

About Earn Your Freedom (EYF): EYF is a startup that combines gaming with financial education. Its mission is to enable individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for financial independence. Through its engaging and innovative game Money Quest, EYF is breaking the mold and setting a new standard for financial education.