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Environmental Action: What is Impact Hub Doing to Address Key Environmental Issues?

For the launch of our global Environmental Strategy, we spoke to Anne Merkle, Environmental Lead at Impact Hub Network. Q: First things first, tell us, why do you do what you do? A: Simply put, because I carry a deep love for our planet in me and want to know that I did...

Be the Change for Climate Change: Get Ready for Climathon Houston 2021!

Getting Ready for Climathon Houston 2021: A Look at Climathon 2020 Winner InnoGrid In 2020, 11 teams gathered at Climathon Houston to develop solutions to the challenges presented in the City of Houston’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Three teams’ ideas rose to the top; and...

New Partnership with LiftFund: Harris County Small Business Relief Fund Outreach!

Harris County has created a new $30 Million Small Business Relief Fund to support micro and small businesses recovering from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Created with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the Small Business Relief Fund is being...

Female Founder Puts Her Mission into Action

How female founder Action Jackson impacts the face of business in Houston  Written by Impact Hub Houston Team member Camila Aguiar.  She was born Joy, but chose Action as her moniker. "After all, an idea without action is worth nothing,” she says.  This intense need to turn...

Houston Founder Makes Impact for Safer, Healthier Environments

McMac Cx creating safe and healthy environments, one building at a time  Written by Impact Hub Houston Team member Nabiha Khetani. Founder and President of McMac Cx, a company devoted to safer and healthier buildings and environments, David MacLean shares his story behind the...

Female Founder Impacts Education Quality through Technology

How a female founder is impacting education quality by targeting self-esteem through technology Written by Impact Hub Houston Team member Camila Aguiar.  When you talk to Margo Jordan it is hard to imagine that she once suffered from low self-esteem. Yet, this confident and...

Investing2030: Redefining the Future of ROI

Now that COVID-19 and climate change have profoundly disrupted society and our economies, how might we innovate investment in impact and build more just, equitable, and resilient economies by 2030? We are addressing this at the Impact Hub Houston’s “Investing2030: Redefining...

Workforce Solutions, MassChallenge, and Impact Hub Houston Join Forces to Support Female Founders

Workforce Solutions selects MassChallenge and Impact Hub Houston to operate a startup bootcamp designed for female founders.  (Houston, TX) April 1, 2021 – MassChallenge, the global network for innovators, Workforce Solutions, the public workforce system for Houston and the...


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