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May 22
Open Project Night @ Impact Hub Houston
Impact Hub Houston - 1801 Main Street #10th floor, Houston, TX 77002
May 28
Films For Thought!
Impact Hub Houston - 1801 Main street, Houston, TX 77002


May 28
Entrepreneurship 4 Good – Meet Up & Info Session
Impact Hub Minneapolis - St. Paul, Washington Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, MN, USA - 825 Washington Avenue Southeast #200, Minneapolis, MN 55414
May 29
Personal Branding – LinkedIn Best Practices
Impact Hub Minneapolis - St. Paul - 825 Washington Avenue Southeast #200, Minneapolis, MN 55414
May 30
Impact Stories: Voices of Sustainable Food changemakers
Impact Hub Berlin - Rollbergstraße 28A, 12053 Berlin


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Films For Thought – An Impactful Conversations Series

May 28 @ 17:30 - 21:00 CDT

“Films for Thought,” An Impactful conversation series designed to engage our community in thought-provoking discussions.

At Impact Hub Houston, we believe in the power of film to spark meaningful conversations and inspire action. That’s why we’re launching Films for Thought,” An Impactful converstaion series designed to engage our community in thought-provoking discussions about impactful and controversial films.

“Films for Thought” aims to create a space for attendees to not only enjoy thought-provoking cinema but also to delve deeper into the themes, messages, and impact of each film. Through guided discussions, we seek to foster dialogue, critical thinking, and empathy among participants.


Each installment of “Films for Thought” will feature a carefully selected movie known for its social relevance, thought-provoking content, or controversy. After watching the film together, attendees will gather for a facilitated dialogue session led by knowledgeable moderators.

During the dialogue session, participants will have the opportunity to share their insights, reflections, and questions about the film. Discussion topics may include:

  • Themes and messages portrayed in the film.
  • Real-world implications and relevance to current events.
  • Ethical dilemmas raised by the storyline.
  • Personal connections and emotional responses.
  • Potential actions or solutions inspired by the film.


In order to ensure that “Films for Thought” remains a space for constructive dialogue and mutual respect, we uphold the following guiding principles:

  • Open-mindedness: We encourage participants to approach each film with curiosity and a willingness to consider diverse perspectives.
  • Respectful discourse: We promote a culture of active listening, empathy, and constructive feedback during discussions.
  • Safe space: We prioritize creating a welcoming environment where attendees feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions.


Through this on going series, we hope to empower individuals to become more informed, engaged, and empathetic members of society. By exploring challenging topics through the lens of film, we believe we can inspire positive change and collective action. Join us for an enriching cinematic experience that goes beyond entertainment to provoke thought, inspire dialogue, and catalyze impact.


Impact Hub Houston
1801 Main street #10th floor, Houston, TX 77002
Houston, TX 77002 US
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