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Remember your last trip to the grocery store: Can you see the faces of the people stocking the shelves, cleaning, and ringing up your items? Many may have been minority or low-income workers. People in these groups face special risks as essential workers who must return to serve the public, compounded by a greater prevalence of comorbidities. The data confirms this: COVID-19 disproportionately impacts minority and low-income communities.

re:3D is leading a network of makers working to donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to those in high-risk and under-served communities. Please keep your local workers, small businesses, and communities safe by donating to PPE for the People to equip those in greatest need.


The CDC and KFF report that COVID-19 is disproportionately hospitalizing racial and ethnic minority groups. From being essential workers, to living and cultural conditions, to underlying health issues and lower access to healthcare, minorities are at higher risk of illness and death. (CDC) (KFF)

Persistent environmental injustice means that disproportionately high numbers of ethnic-minority households live near incinerators and landfills, and schools with high proportions of minority students are located near highways and industrial sites. Early data highlights that poor air quality in these areas are potential risk factors for COVID-19. (BBC)

Workers of color are overrepresented in high-risk service jobs. Additionally, nearly 52% of all essential workers are women in healthcare and service industries, putting women on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak (Axios ); with women of color “especially likely to bear the brunt of this public health crisis” (Society for Women’s Health Research).

49% of businesses in Houston are minority-owned; 29% are women-owned. After a decade of business ownership gains, the COVID-19 recession may disproportionately devastate MWBEs. Many MWBEs have had difficulty accessing SBA and other financial aid that well-networked business owners were able to quickly apply for. COVID-19 also puts diverse entrepreneurs and essential workers at immediate health and financial risk. (Brookings)

In Houston, seven of the ten ZIP codes with the highest COVID-19 rates are majority black and low-income. Many had double and triple the average per capita rate for Harris County. The City’s COVID-19 case map shows that areas with majority black and Latinx communities are among the hardest hit areas.


While many workers are able to work from home, essential workers like those in healthcare, education, food, public safety, childcare, retail and transportation risk their health and that of their families and communities as they return to work every day. That means hundreds of thousands of people continue to be at risk from COVID-19.

Many minority-owned businesses were already disadvantaged by systemic disparities. Now, those challenges are compounded by inability to access or afford enough PPE for staff. re:3D and its network are now crafting door pulls, ear savers, face shields, and splash guards to DONATE to those businesses to protect their people, customers, and the public.

Do you need PPE donations? Any business or organization in need, regardless of type, is encouraged to apply. Please fill out this form.

Do you want to help produce and deliver PPE? Please fill out this form.



To make the most of the funding for this effort, re:3D and Impact Hub Houston will collaborate with existing groups in underserved communities to identify workers and businesses in need of PPE — like restaurants, grocery stores, food banks, direct service nonprofits, salons, etc. — and leverage existing distribution systems to get supplies where they are most needed.

Our 501c3 fiscal sponsorship of this project allows you to:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation for PPE For The People.
  • Certify that funds will procure raw materials and cover production at-cost of PPE
  • Certify that PPE will be delivered to workers at local businesses in Southwest, South, and Southeast of Houston — serving some of the most disproportionately impacted communities in our region


  • re:3D and Impact Hub Houston, in conjunction with community partners, will identify businesses in at-risk communities with vulnerable workers who need PPE
  • ~6% of funds raised will support logistics, coordination, administration and payment processing fees for PPE for the People
  • ~94% of funds raised will purchase raw materials for production and underwrite donation of PPE to vulnerable workers
  • To scale production, we will mobilize volunteer 3d-printers and equip them with raw materials so they don’t have to come out of pocket to help
  • All designs and guides will be shared openly under a Creative Commons license for other groups to use for their communities.


Ear Savers: Thin, flexible straps that can be hooked to face masks to pull the elastic up and off the ears, reduce abrasions, and improve fit. This is a reusable item and can be cleaned with soap and water, bleach or alcohol.

Suggested Donation: $.50 per piece
(Market rate: $1.00 – $3.00)

Face Shields: A product consisting of a 3d-printed headband and a clear plastic lens that covers the face, providing protection from aerosols. Multiple designs available. This is a reusable item and can be cleaned with soap and water, bleach or alcohol.

Suggested Donation: $6.00 per piece
(Market rate: $5.45 – $15.00)

Hands-Free Door Pulls: An attachment for a lever- or tube-style door handle that allows users to open the door with the forearm rather than the hand. This is a reusable item and can be cleaned with soap and water, bleach or alcohol.

Suggested Donation: $8.00 per piece
(Market rate: $13.00 – $99.00)

Splash Guards: Mobile plexiglass divider to place between customers and employees. This is a reusable item and can be cleaned with soap and water, bleach or alcohol.

Suggested Donation: $40.00 per piece
(Market rate: $24.00 – $124.00)

If your business or organization has some financial capacity to support your own request, please indicate so when you fill out the Get PPE form. We have included “Suggested Donation” amounts above, to give you an idea of how much is needed to cover the cost of production for each piece. Even if you can’t cover the entire cost, any amount you can donate towards this effort will be greatly appreciated and help extend our ability to help others!





We encourage all businesses or organizations in need, regardless of type, to apply to receive donated PPE.



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