Climathon 2021 Kick-Off!

Climathon 2021 Kick-Off!

Impact Hub Houston kicks off Climathon 2021! Come learn about this year’s challenges, connect with the teams, and get ready for the week!

We envision a more prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient economy, where finance flows to green projects and activities, and where motivated people are empowered with the skills and capacity they need to take action.

This progress can only be achieved through systemic change – change that includes innovation across business, investment, regulation, governance structures, values and mindsets. We invite you to leverage Climathon Houston as a way to start ideating and innovating a solutions in these areas, or to continue working on and engaging people in solutions you may already be developing, especially those that relate to:

Urban Transitions

  1. Promote retrofit and decentralized energy
  2. Create green, resilient cities
  3. Accelerate clean urban mobility

Sustainable Land Use

  1. Make agriculture climate-smart
  2. Transform food systems
  3. Nurture forests in integrated landscapes

Sustainable Production Systems

  1. Recast materials production
  2. Reduce industry emissions
  3. Reboot regional economies

Decision Metrics and Finance

  1. Mainstream climate in financial markets
  2. Democratize climate risk information
  3. Foster bankable green assets in cities


  • 12:00-12:10 PM Welcome + Climathon Introduction
  • 12:10-12:40PM Challenge Lightning Round
  • 12:40-13:00PM Next Steps & Breakout Rooms

Challenge Leaders: TBA

Learn More About the Climathon and Sign-up to Participate:

Thank you to our sponsors:

Neurodiversity and the Value of Data

Neurodiversity and the Value of Data

Join entrepreneur, executive, and philanthropist Shawn Fry in a discussion about data and how the right data strategy can maximize impact.

Impact Hub Houston is excited to partner with one of our member Jeff Miller CEO and Founder of Potentia Workforce for this workshop!

Who Should Attend:

Anyone leading an organization looking for innovative paths to deliver exceptional results.

We Will Discuss:

-How can fresh thinking unlock the value of your growing business or non-profit?

-Neurodiversity is a popular topic among large employers like Microsoft, EY and Chase. Learn why it can be even more impactful for your small business or non-profit.

-Why is ND such an effective pathway to innovation?

-Why are so many large companies starting ND programs?

-How can you capitalize on this trend as an SMB or non-profit?


Meet Jeff Miller: CEO – Founder – Speaker – Advocate

Jeff Miller is the CEO & founder of Potentia Workforce, a consulting firm that delivers technology, analytics, and human capital services by leveraging the talents of and providing opportunites to skilled, yet often overlooked neurodiverse individuals.

Meet Shawn Fry: Chief Innovation Officer – Person with Asperger’s – Entrepreneur – Advocate

Shawn Fry is the CIO of Potentia Workforce, a consulting firm that delivers technology, analytics and human capital services by leveraging the talents of many neurodiverse individuals.

His career illustrates the competitive advantage neurodiversity brings to organizations. His struggles prior to diagnosis at age 42, encapsulates the pain, devaluation and frustration that plague both the employee and the employer.

Once provided understanding and support for his spectrum abilities, Shawn went on to a successful career as a hospital executive (CIO) and later transitioned from executive to entrepreneur – founding two technology and analytics companies that were eventually successfully sold.

Early in life, Shawn struggled mightily with the traditional paths in life such as social functions, academics, employment, personal relationships as well as a healthy sense of self-esteem. Despite these obstacles, he still worked hard to understand and create value.

Shawn strongly believes that the transformation that awareness and acceptance bring creates massive opportunities for success for all involved via innovation, loyalty, commitment and performance beneficial to all parties.

Today, Shawn is a sought-after speaker, executive and advocate for neurodiversity. He also holds 4 public patents and two classified patents. Shawn’s greatest role is that of Dad and he lives happily with his wonderful family in the Greater Houston area.

Houston Hackathon 2021

Houston Hackathon 2021

Come join us for Houston Hackathon 2021!

It’s happening…again! Tell your friends: Houston Hackathon. 2021. The Remix.

To celebrate the National Civic Day of Hacking, we invite all people who want to make a difference in our region to join us at the annual Houston Hackathon! This is a “civic” hackathon, focused on ideating, designing, and developing both policy-based and tech solutions to some of Houston’s greatest challenges. Project stakeholders will be there from the city, local organizations, and Houston’s impact community!

We envision a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economy, where people are empowered with the skills, capacity, and resources they need to take action. We invite you to be a part of this vision by participating in this annual opportunity to develop systemic and transformative solutions for Houston – solutions that are rooted in local communities so that they are as diverse as Houston, and work for ALL of Houston.

Learn more about Impact Hub Houston at and the Code for Houston initiative at

Houston Hackathon Kickoff Schedule (9/18)

  • 10:30AM – Open Networking & Platform Exploration: Get to know what we have in store for you for Houston Hackathon 2021!
  • 11:00AM – Code for America Welcome: Opening Panel
  • 11:30AM – Houston Hackathon Challenge Presentations: Hear from City of Houston officials, and then, other participants will be able to share your ideas with the group, opening the floor for others to join your team. New projects may be presented at this time, too!
  • 12:00PM – Team Building: Set your teams up on the platform to start conversation and collaboration.
  • 12:20PM – Teams Established and Workspaces Created
  • 1:00PM – Hacking Begins!
  • 3:00PM – Wrap-up and Next Steps

What to get more involved? Let us know by filling out this form.

Plan Ahead for Other Important Dates

  • Sept 19-23: Teams Continue Self Organized Hacking. We may host a virtual coworking session on 9/22, if needed.
  • Sept 21: Workshop on Neurodiversity & the Value of Data
  • Sept 24: Project Submissions Due on DevPost + Pitch Presentations via Zoom
  • Sept 24-26: Judges will review projects on DevPost after Pitch Presentations
  • Sept 27: Winners Announced!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Open Project Night: Reducing Social, Economic and Political Inequalities

Open Project Night: Reducing Social, Economic and Political Inequalities

How can we empower and promote the social, economic & political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, or ethnicity?

Impact Hub Houston is proud to bring you a monthly opportunity to come together to work on solutions for some of Houston’s most pressing issues. Our city is full of changemakers across all ages, cultures, skillsets, and industries. This is your chance to conned and collaborate for the greater good.

Open Project Night has been hosted across the Impact Hub global network for a few years, and we are carrying the torch locally to support #Changemakers, #SocialEntrepreneurs, and #ImpactSupporters in their efforts to create the change they wish to see in the world.

Here’s how it works:

  • New theme each month in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Anyone can sign up to participate (whether you have an idea/project or just want to provide feedback, advice, or support)
  • 1-2 guest speakers will kick-off project presentations
  • Open Mic for anyone else to pitch will follow (2 min max per pitch)
  • Everyone moves to the virtual working room for open networking & collaboration

September’s theme is SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

SDG 10 from a global context:

Event Schedule // 5:00 PM-6:30 PM CST

5:00-5:30pm Open Networking

5:30-5:55pm Project Presentations + Q&A

Your Open Pitch should be max of 2 mins each and answer the following questions before the community can provide feedback:

  1. Brief personal introduction + What is your project/idea?
  2. What stage are you currently at? (idea/testing/implementation etc)
  3. What are your next series of steps?
  4. What are you currently looking for in the way of talent/skills from the community?

5:55-6:25pm Move over to the Working Floor to connect and collaborate with other changemakers.

6:25pm-6:30pm Closing and Next Steps

About our Guest Speaker: (TBA)

Climathon 2020: Announcing Houston’s Winners!

Climathon 2020: Announcing Houston’s Winners!

Drum roll, please… Meet the Winners of Climathon Houston 2020!

Realizing Houston’s Climate Action Plan

On Earth Day this year, the City of Houston published its first Climate Action Plan. The plan is the culmination of thousands of volunteer time from industry professionals, policy stakeholders, and community advocates. Together the working groups have laid out a concise plan to address the climate challenges that Houston faces along with maintaining a leadership role in the energy transition.

This year’s Climathon will look to realize some of the goals of the plan through design sprints led by local subject matter experts in the areas of Transportation, Energy Innovation, Building Optimization, and Materials Management.

Join us as we share some of the most interesting ideas to emerge from Climathon Houston 2020, and announce the winning solutions that will go on to the Climathon Global Awards!

Featured Challenges


#1 – This Challenge will be led by the team at EVolve Houston. EVolve Houston has set short- and long-term targets to increase the awareness, affordability, and availability of electrified transportation in the Greater Houston area. The Electric Vehicle Roadmap, developed in collaboration with over 40 stakeholders, sets forth the goal for 30% of new car sales to be EV by the year 2030.

Energy Transition

#1 – Make Houston the leader in carbon capture technology and energy innovation.

#2 – Restore, protect, and enhance Houston’s natural ability to capture and store carbon.

Building Optimization

#1 – Reduce building energy use and maximize savings.

#2 – Expand investment in energy efficiency.

Materials Management

#1 – Reduce waste and transform the circular economy.

#2 – Optimize waste operations and create power from waste.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Sponsor this year’s Climathon:

… Or be a part of next year’s Climathon! Contact Impact Hub Houston to explore how we can collaborate on #ClimateAction!

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Feedback Friday: Pitches and Presentations

Feedback Friday: Pitches and Presentations

Watch social entrepreneurs pitch and present their solutions; and learn from experts as they provide feedback and advice for improvements!

Case studies, examples, role models…we often learn better from seeing what others have done, how they responded to setbacks, and how they improved their outcomes.

Join us as we kick off “Feedback Fridays” on the last day of The Houston Innovation/Impact Summit, evolving our Founders Forum to include and invite all who are working on communicating their value propositions to present their offers and get advice from local experts on how to improve their pitches.

Featured Startups

Zently Workplace

We believe that when we as humans feel better we create better. Zently workplace is changing the way feel and work to create better daily routines, to create better connection in and out of the workplace, and to create better ideas through mindfulness-based leadership tools and social impact driven engagement. We believe the practice of getting present enhances positivity, productivity, and community in the workplace empowering innovation and creating leaders driving impactful change! Presence Empowers Innovation

Our new app allows the mindful leadership tools and program to be easily accessed and integrated into daily life while creating an opportunity for corporate social impact. As the employee engages more with the content on a daily basis the more money is earned towards chosen charities. Feel good, do good, and create good!

Just Add Beats

At Just Add Beats, we help kids in historically underserved and overlooked communities in grades 2-12 build important 21st-Century Skills like collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking through our project-based learning after school programs and internships in beat making, podcasting, and sound design. Our goal is to build the next generation of collaborative and resilient creatives.


Amazing Bond is changing what it means to be a senior needing care and what it means to be a caregiver to those seniors. We deliver proven results every time, providing therapeutic art, breathing techniques, tai chi and chair yoga classes for seniors, leaving them feeling better. Amazing Bond teaches self-care practices and gentle yoga that replenishes the energy and vitality of caregivers, giving them the support they need, leaving them better able to care for themselves and their seniors. Amazing Bond has partnered with the Alzheimer’s Foundation, YMCA and Silver Sneakers, Dementia Houston and Enactus UH. In 2020, when Covid-19 hit, Amazing Bond’s programs were paused so we pivoted, creating online services for seniors and caregivers. We created Senior Connect, a project that has volunteers connect weekly with seniors who are isolated. The University of Houston’s business group Enactus chose Senior Connect as their fall semester project and the program is a success, leaving both seniors and volunteers fulfilled and giving them all rich conversations to look forward to each week.

Trendy Seconds

Trendy Seconds is a website that aggregates the secondhand clothing space, where you can browse curated results according to your preferences, mix & match pieces, get recommendations to complete your look and pay for everything in one transaction.

Guest Mentor

Brandry Guidry (Board Member, Impact Hub Houston)

Brandy Guidry is an entrepreneur, STEAM advocate, and consultant. As an independent consultant, she supports startups, established businesses, investment and private equity firms, and non-profits. Her consultant services assist with Product Lifecycle, pivot, and growth opportunities. Brandy is a fourth-generation female business owner who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Her consulting industry experience includes education, NDT, SaaS, energy, chemical, consumer products, IoT, food and restaurant, and retail. Prior to consulting, she held multiple leadership roles within Engineering and Business Operations for the Department of Defense and GE. She has led and/or assisted in the development of over 100 products and driven annual P&L savings between $18.5-45 M. In addition, Brandy has been featured in Worldwide Who’s Who Branding, Women of Distinction, Madame Noire, Rigzone, and First Colony Neighbors.

*If you would like to be a future presenter and get expert feedback on your pitch, please let us know!*

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#THIS2020 : Financial Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

#THIS2020 : Financial Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Learn how to establish good financial practices and improve your personal creditworthiness in order to build a bankable business.

Entrepreneurs have to juggle multiple responsibilities successfully in order to grow their businesses. For those who are stronger at developing their products/services than doing their books, here’s your chance to learn from Danelia Argueta of Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union how to establish good financial practices and improve your personal creditworthiness in order to build a bankable business.

About 82% of businesses that fail are due to financial problems. That is why companies, no matter their size, sooner or later need loans to be able to continue developing projects effectively and scale their business. Set your business from the start with a strong financial foundation so you can be prepared for future growth.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How personal credit impacts your lending options
  • Tips to help you establish and grow your creditworthiness
  • Key financial reports you need to understand and have available
  • Loan options offered and the requirements to obtain a loan

Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union aims to be the key partner on your financial journey. Learn more at

On November 28th, 1956, ten local educators founded Cy-Fair Federal Credit Union with a vision for a better way to bank. Since then, we’ve grown into a leading not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution on the strength of our mission and vision to strengthen the community. Today, membership is open to individuals who either live, work, worship or go to school in Harris County or parts of Waller County, as well as to anyone who has immediate family who are currently members of Cy-Fair FCU.

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Redefining Equity

Redefining Equity

Learn how black entrepreneurs are redefining “equity” and launching new ventures for financial resilience, investment, and wealth generation

“Black business ownership, more so than even education, is a tangible pathway for African Americans to achieve economic parity and close the racial wealth gap.”

Tiffany Howard, UNLV political science professor and recent Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) senior research fellow

While business ownership may be a promising path to generational wealth creation for black entrepreneurs, the Kauffman Foundation reports that black entrepreneurs are almost three times as likely as whites to have their profitability hurt by lack of access to capital, and more than twice as likely to be negatively impacted by the *cost* of capital. So how do we ensure that opportunity and support for their financial equity, is equitable itself?

Black entrepreneurs in Houston have been launching new ventures to address these challenges with a systemic approach. Join us to learn from founders Kiley Summers, Phillip Yates, and Tiffany Williams about their startups, the problems they’re working to solve, and how they plan to grow their initiatives and scale their impact for under-represented and underserved entrepreneurs. Who knows: They may inspire you to start your own solutions for equity!

Guest Speakers:

Tiffany L. Williams

Kiley Summers

Attorney Phillip J. Yates

Entrepreneurs, Investors, Innovators & Changemakers: Join us for more #THIS2020 Events! See the full calendar of 35+ *virtual* talks, panels, hackathons and more at

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