Founders Feedback Forum

If you have an idea, created a solution, started a venture, and are wondering what to do next — or if you just want a second opinion to see whether you’re on the right track — come get unstuck and moving forward again with some honest feedback from Impact Hub Houston’s mentors and community.


For this session, you’ll get insights and feedback from:

  • Grace Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Houston and Station Houston
  • Milad Khakzadghomi, Director of Strategy for Houston Exponential
  • Surprise Guest!


For all who participate, we adopt these ground rules as our shared commitment to having a fun and productive feedback session. If we there’s an opportunity to improve these rules, we can and will change them, together: Feel free to give us *your* feedback, too!

Respect the people.

  • Treat each other with kindness and tolerance first. We all have tricky days when we aren’t at our best. You will appreciate this tolerance when that tricky day is yours.
  • Assume best intentions, but do not assume anything else. Ask questions to better understand anything that is unclear or troubling.
  • Listen when others speak. Don’t interrupt: If you have something urgent to add, raise your hand for acknowledgement.
  • Take care of yourself. If you need to step out or take a break, do it. The group values your participation, so do what you need to do so you can devote your full attention.

Respect the purpose

  • We’re convening to help Founders think through current challenges. Come prepared and ready to engage.
  • Resources lead to results. Be ready to contribute information or connections to help Founders achieve better outcomes.
  • We are all responsible for staying on track. Speak up if you feel we’re going off the rails!

Respect the process.

  • Start on time. End on time.
  • Step up: If you have an insightful question or helpful suggestion, please share it.
  • Step back: Share the time. Do not monopolize the discussion or rob others of time needed to share their perspectives.
  • Document clear commitments, then follow-through. Walk your talk!