October 1


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Impact Hub King’s Cross is bringing you this Masterclass in cooperation with Ideas on Stage to help you present your ideas effectively…

Most business leaders struggle to present their ideas effectively and this is a huge problem. Think of it in pure business terms:

– If meeting participants remember nothing, the return on that investment is minimal

– If your sales pitch fails to make customers want to buy from you, your revenues will suffer

– If your leadership presentation fails to inspire your employees, they won’t be motivated to deliver on your strategy

In this one-hour Live Masterclass, Andrea Pacini will tear up the conventional wisdom and provide you a simple new method for producing great presentations that inspire your audience to take action.

What You’ll Learn:

– The 5 key success factors for great presentations

– The key mistakes business professionals make when creating presentations, including online presentations

– What’s getting in the way of you becoming the best presenter you can be

– The 3 skills you must have in order to create and deliver powerful presentations

– Practical strategies and techniques to help you prepare, design and deliver memorable presentations that inspire your audience to take action

About the Speaker

Andrea Pacini is a presentation coach and founder of Ideas on Stage UK. In the last 10 years Ideas on Stage has worked with clients like Microsoft, Lacoste, The World Bank and over 400 TEDx speakers. They specialise in working with established business owners and professionals who want to grow their business and advance their careers through great presenting. Andrea’s vision is to help as many impact-driven entrepreneurs as possible share their message, make an impact and be memorable.

Who is this Masterclass for?

– If you are an established business owner or senior professional

– If you are serious about using presentations to grow your business, boost your career and make a positive impact

– If you are ready to take action to get the results you want

Then this Web Class is for you.

Register today and take your presentations to a higher level!