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16:00 - 18:30

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Meet the six early stage teams from the Circular Together incubator cohort of 2022, and see Circular Economy innovation in action

Circular Together is a circular economy-focused startup incubator for impact-driven entrepreneurs, that puts partnerships at the core of its programme.

On Thursday 4th August 2022, you can hear the final pitches from the six teams from our 2022 cohort. These teams have worked hard on their businesses for the last six months, and are excited to present their progress with you. Meet the teams:


3Dimensioni aims to sustainably manufacture 3D-printed designer furniture out of recycled plastic and metal components, minimising the ecological impact and enabling local circular economies.

Foll-eau Me

Foll-eau Me’s product is locally-sourced drinking water packed in edible algae, which can be either eaten or put into compost afterwards.

Hyve Local

Hyve Local is a digital platform that makes going local and seasonal easier by matching local produce with recipes.

Wardrobe Affaire

Wardrobe Affaire is a renting-while-reselling app that allows consumers to rent out their pieces while trying to sell them. Wardrobe Affaire thus solves the problem of unsold clothes sitting on resell platforms.


TrashCoin is a waste management solution that mobilises people and creates incentives to take action against plastic waste. TrashCoins earned by collecting waste can be exchanged for cash, food vouchers, stationary items, school fee discounts, and vouchers.

We Are Galaktika

We Are Galaktika takes back silicone products when they reach their end of life. They recycle the silicone with an innovative chemical technology and return it to the companies’ production cycle – in the same quality as the virgin material.

Reimagining business with a triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental ambitions is hard work. We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the next steps for these innovative solutions.


16:00: Welcome and introduction to Circular Together

16:20: Pitches

17:30: Breakout Rooms for networking

About Circular Together

Circular Together is a Berlin-based six-month incubator with the circular economy at its core. The programme supports early-stage impact entrepreneurs with stipends and tailored business coaching, giving them the space, tools, and network needed to secure strong partnerships and to grow their impact.

About Impact Hub Berlin

Impact Hub Berlin empowers impact-driven entrepreneurs and organisations to realise, develop and scale their solutions. By providing innovators with tailored support, a collaborative coworking community and connection to our growing global network, we help shape a more equitable future for people and the planet.

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