Founders Feedback Forum

If you have an idea, created a solution, started a venture, and are wondering what to do next — or if you just want a second opinion to see whether you’re on the right track — come get unstuck and moving forward again with some honest feedback from Impact Hub Houston’s mentors and community.


For this session, you’ll get insights and feedback from:

  • Grace Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Impact Hub Houston and Station Houston
  • Milad Khakzadghomi, Director of Strategy for Houston Exponential
  • Surprise Guest!


For all who participate, we adopt these ground rules as our shared commitment to having a fun and productive feedback session. If we there’s an opportunity to improve these rules, we can and will change them, together: Feel free to give us *your* feedback, too!

Respect the people.

  • Treat each other with kindness and tolerance first. We all have tricky days when we aren’t at our best. You will appreciate this tolerance when that tricky day is yours.
  • Assume best intentions, but do not assume anything else. Ask questions to better understand anything that is unclear or troubling.
  • Listen when others speak. Don’t interrupt: If you have something urgent to add, raise your hand for acknowledgement.
  • Take care of yourself. If you need to step out or take a break, do it. The group values your participation, so do what you need to do so you can devote your full attention.

Respect the purpose

  • We’re convening to help Founders think through current challenges. Come prepared and ready to engage.
  • Resources lead to results. Be ready to contribute information or connections to help Founders achieve better outcomes.
  • We are all responsible for staying on track. Speak up if you feel we’re going off the rails!

Respect the process.

  • Start on time. End on time.
  • Step up: If you have an insightful question or helpful suggestion, please share it.
  • Step back: Share the time. Do not monopolize the discussion or rob others of time needed to share their perspectives.
  • Document clear commitments, then follow-through. Walk your talk!

June 2019 Impact Updates

Impact Friends and Family,

June has been filled with celebration at Impact Hub Houston!

Did you hear? We are excited to partner with Houston Exponential for a summer pop-up! Stop by to say hello!

What else?

We launched the Impact Hub Houston Community Membership this month! We’re working to offer you more programs to learn from, more events to connect at, more storytelling to inspire you, and new virtual and physical spaces to empower your networking and coworking! Learn more at — if you’re ready to take our relationship to the next level, apply to become an Impact Hub Houston Community Member, today!

Before June flies by, be sure to connect with the Impact Hub Houston fam on Friday, June 28:

…and don’t miss out on these opportunities from Houston’s broader impact + innovation ecosystem:

We look forward to seeing you at these events!
Team Houston