Impact Hub Berlin: Get to Know Us

Impact Hub Berlin: Get to Know Us

Interested in what Impact Hub Berlin is all about? Join this online session to find out!

Curious to know more about Impact Hub Berlin? To discover all the pockets of positive impact we are part of? To find out about our award-winning co-working space? And to do it all from the comfort of your sofa? With this open hour, you can!

Get to know us during this online event: to kick things off, you will meet our Community Team who will share insights into what Impact Hub Berlin is and how we can support you. From our rich, digital network and vibrant co-working space to our accelerator and incubator programmes, we support the journey of our members in a collaborative and solution-based environment.

We’ll then open the space for a wider discussion – this is the perfect place to ask your questions about Impact Hub Berlin. đŸ™‹â€â™€ïž

Choose the most suitable date for you:

đŸ—“ïž June 20, 13:00-14:00 (CET)
đŸ—“ïž July 18, 16:00-17:00 (CET)
đŸ—“ïž August 22, 13:00-14:00 (CET)

We look forward to getting to know you – and for you to get to know us, too!

❀ IHB Community Team

Impact Hub Berlin helps social impact entrepreneurs, organizations and partners create products and services that make the world a better place. We host a 3.500qm circular coworking space with over 600 members, various incubator & accelerator programmes, an impact ecosystem, community events, and matchmaking formats. Interested in membership? Become a member now!

Sustainable Food Systems: Quickfire Pitches & Startup Expo

Sustainable Food Systems: Quickfire Pitches & Startup Expo

Programme Finale for Impact Hub Berlin’s Impact Accelerator for German startups in the area of Sustainable Food Systems

3 impact areas, 7 teams, 1 minute each: Join us at Impact Hub Berlin for a fun, inspiring evening of startup pitches and networking!

This is not your usual demo day. To celebrate the end of our Impact Accelerator – Sustainable Food Systems, we’re welcoming everyone interested in transforming our food systems to connect with our teams and other changemakers in the ecosystem.

We’ll kick off with a round of quickfire pitches to hear from some of the innovators transforming the food system with their technologies and new approaches. We hope this inspires an evening of meaningful conversations and connections which enable us all to grow our impact.

Who are the startups?

We have seven exciting teams with solutions in these 3 important impact areas:

  1. New Urban Farming
  2. Climate Positive Food Processing & Consumption
  3. Food Tech for Regenerative Agriculture

The pitching teams are:

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Need for Speed(Networking)

Need for Speed(Networking)

Connect with IHB members through a 30 min speed networking + 30 min casual networking event. Get a drink, meet changemakers, leave inspired!

Ready to mingle, chat, and make some meaningful connections in the community? Join us for an hour of speed networking and casual drinks at Impact Hub Berlin’s cafe, The Loop!

Here’s the deal: For the first 30 minutes, we will facilitate a lightning-fast guided speed networking rounds. After our speedy introductions, stick around for another 30 minutes of laid-back mingling and chatting.

Whether you’re swapping stories, sharing ideas, or simply enjoying the good vibes, this is your chance to build connections that could spark something amazing! đŸ„‚ You’ll have the chance to meet fellow social impact entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers who are as passionate about making a difference as you are. This event is open to both IHB members and non-members.

When: Monthly on Tuesdays @ 17:30 to 18:30
Where: The Loop Cafe (Impact Hub Berlin)

Upcoming dates:

  • June 18
  • July 2
  • September 3

Impact Hub Berlin helps social impact entrepreneurs, organizations and partners create products and services that make the world a better place. We host a 3.500qm circular coworking space with over 600 members, various incubator & accelerator programmes, an impact ecosystem, community events, and matchmaking formats. Interested in membership? Become a member now!

DEI Industry Roundtable by Impact Hub Berlin, Focus: Inclusive Finance

DEI Industry Roundtable by Impact Hub Berlin, Focus: Inclusive Finance

Explore collaboration, share insights & exchange ideas to address common issues around the topic of Inclusive Finance with Impact Hub Berlin

Join us for an exclusive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Industry Roundtable focused on the vital topic of Inclusive Finance. This invite-only event brings together stakeholders from the industry to discuss strategies for fostering inclusivity and equity within financial services.

During this collaborative session, participants will:

  • Explore innovative approaches to promote financial inclusion for underserved communities.
  • Share best practices and initiatives that drive diversity and equity in finance.
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities in creating inclusive financial products and services.
  • Network with like-minded professionals committed to advancing DEI in the finance industry.

This roundtable aims to generate actionable insights that contribute to a more equitable and inclusive financial landscape. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and shape the future of inclusive finance.

Note: This is an invite-only event. Please add your details and our team can rech out to you.

For inquiries, please contact [email protected]

At Impact Hub Berlin, we work actively in the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to empower entrepreneurs, governments and corporates alike in their journey towards a future that works for all. Our programs include supporting corporates in their various DEI initiatives, empowering and educating FLINTA founders, incubating startups from diverse founders, enabling access to investors and building a strong community of changemakers in the space.

Impact Hub Berlin organizes this Roundtable as one of the three Industry Roundtables this year, the other two being in Circular Economy and Sustainable Food.

About Impact Hub Berlin

Impact Hub Berlin empowers impact-driven large organisations and entrepreneurs to realise, develop and scale their sustainable solutions. By providing our partners with tailored support, a collaborative coworking community and connection to our growing global network, we help shape a more equitable future for people and the planet.

Impact Talks: The Stellar Approach

Impact Talks: The Stellar Approach

An engaging and motivating online talk series by entrepreneurs and experts who are helping to create real change around the world.

Welcome to Impact Talks!

The word ‘Impact’ has been overused and misused in today’s world of green washing and disinformation.

Through our exciting new online series, Impact Talks, we want to put the meaning back into the word ‘Impact’ by welcoming entrepreneurs and experts who are helping to create real change to speak about the work they do and how others can become changemakers as well.

Join us each month to put some “oomph” back into your lunchtimes and hear from motivating speakers on the topics of:

  • Sustainable Food
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Tech

These are the focus area of our four ecosystems, where we see the greatest potential for entrepreneurship and collective action. Get in touch to find out more about opportunities to collaborate!

Our speaker this month:

About the speaker: Simon Berkler is co-founder of TheDive and has been working as an entrepreneur and organizational consultant for over 20 years. He studied media and communication sciences and holds a doctorate in media economics. He is a trained systemic and integral organizational developer and has many years of experience in supporting medium-sized and large companies in their respective transformation processes. With TheDive, he works on systemic innovation. Recently, he published the book “The Stellar Approach”, where he examines how a regenerative Economy could look like and what organizations can contribute to making this shift happening.

About the Talk: How do you redesign an entire organization so that it is not only economically healthy, but also cares about preserving and restoring our living environment? And how do you deal with the conflicting goals that arise? The Stellar Approach is a pragmatic transformation toolkit that shows organizations how they can gradually align themselves with sustainable and regenerative business practices and thus both shape the future viability of their own company and contribute to the regenerative transformation of the economy. In his talk, Simon will give an overview of what “regenerative” actually means and will explain how the Stellar Approach as a practice-based framework helps to transform companies from the inside out.

What you will gain from this talk:

  • Deeper understanding of the concept of a “Regenerative Economy”
  • The role of organizations in the realm of regenerative change Overview of the Stellar key elements (principles, practices and virtues)
  • Exchange and discussion on drivers and obstacles of a regenerative shift
Empower Now Ideathon

Empower Now Ideathon

Wir unterstĂŒtzen dich dabei, digitale Lösungen fĂŒr gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen im DEI Bereich zu entwickeln, die dich bewegen.

*German version is below.

The main communication language of the event is German, but we also warmly welcome English-speaking individuals.


Tired of seeing the same issues every year?

Do you have some bold ideas on how to make things work better?

Join a 2-day online event to learn where to start on 31st May-1st June. We will help you to turn your ideas into reality and make an actual difference in the world.

We’re looking for dedicated FLINTA* (female, Lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans*, agender persons) & ALLIES who have a say and shape tomorrow with digital solutions in the DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) space.

It is time for you to make your mark! Come with an idea for a change or team up with like minded people for a common purpose during the event. BONUS: Win prizes worth over €6,000!

Hurry up and register now before the spots fill up!

How do we help you with your ideas?

Are you familiar with an ‘ideathon’? đŸ€”

An ideathon is a short-term event where people brainstorm, develop, and pitch ideas, typically within a day or two. It’s like a hackathon but focuses on generating ideas rather than coding. These events encourage creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving around specific themes or challenges.

PLUS, we bring the top experts in their field to provide direct input on your digital solutions and share their knowledge on the topics below:

  • User-Centered Design
  • Prototyping & Business Modeling
  • Impact Statement Crafting
  • Pitch Training & Deck Building

By the end of the event, you will have a chance to present your idea to a jury of experts, TikTok representatives and the Impact Hub Berlin team, and walk away with a solid business idea ready and a prototype to tackle real-world challenges.

Bring your own idea or team up with like-minded people!

You are welcome to come up with your own solutions or develop completely new ideas in a collaborative process together with the other participants and the support of experts. If you have a shared purpose or idea, come with your besties or group of friends 💕

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for dedicated FLINTA & ALLIES who are ready to shape tomorrow with digital solutions in the DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) space!

We understand that real change doesn’t happen within our own bubbles. That’s why we welcome EVERYONE who’s passionate about making a positive impact in our world.

We’re looking for ideas that speak to you and your community. Think about how we can make things better and fairer for FLINTA*. Let’s brainstorm ways to make sure everyone feels seen and valued, no matter who they are or where they come from. Your ideas can help us create a world where everyone has a chance to be seen and included.

The ideathon centers around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and all ideas should have a digital component.

Prizes đŸ’…đŸœ

Win prizes worth over €6,000!

  • 1st to 3rd place: The top three teams each win €1,000
  • 4th+5th place: Two teams win €500 each
  • 6th-10th place: Workshop on content strategies and creation with TikTok
  • Audience prize: Mental health coaching worth €1,000
  • The top 15 teams will have the opportunity to join an exclusive online bootcamp in June. During the bootcamp, you’ll receive further expert guidance and support to refine and implement your business ideas for real-world impact.

Register before spots fill up! 💜

Hurry and register now on Eventbrite before spots fill up!

Message us on Tiktok ( if you have any questions or send an email to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Empower Now in partnership with TikTok supports young FLINTA* (female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans* and agender) individuals and allies from the DACH region to develop entrepreneurial ideas that lead to positive change on a systemic level.


Du bist frustriert, jedes Jahr die gleichen gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen zu sehen?

Du hast Ideen, wie wir DiversitÀt, Teilhabe und Inklusion vorantreiben können?

Nimm an unserem zweitÀgigen Online-Workshop am 31. Mai und 1. Juni teil! Wir helfen dir dabei, deine Ideen weiterzuentwickeln und in die Tat umzusetzen.

Wir suchen engagierte FLINTA* (Frauen, Lesben, inter, nicht-binÀre, trans* und agender Personen) & ALLIES, die digitale Lösungen im Bereich DiversitÀt, Teilhabe & Inklusion ausarbeiten möchten.

Melde dich jetzt an und gestalte deine Zukunft mit! Beim Workshop erhĂ€ltst du Hilfe von anderen Menschen aus der Community sowie Expert*innen im Bereich Projektentwicklung. Außerdem kannst du Preise im Wert von ĂŒber 6.000€ gewinnen!


Wie können wir dich bei deinen Ideen unterstĂŒtzen?

Kennst du den Begriff “Ideathon”? đŸ€”

Ein Ideathon ist eine Veranstaltung, bei der Menschen innerhalb von ein oder zwei Tagen Ideen sammeln, entwickeln und prÀsentieren. Es ist wie ein Hackathon, nur dass der Schwerpunkt nicht auf dem Programmieren, sondern der Entwicklung von Ideen liegt. Diese Veranstaltungen fördern die KreativitÀt, die Zusammenarbeit und das Lösen von Problemen zu bestimmten Themen oder Herausforderungen.

PLUS: Du erhĂ€ltst UnterstĂŒtzung von Expert*innen zu folgenden Themen:

  • User-Centered Design
  • Prototyping & Business Modeling
  • Wirkungsmessung
  • PrĂ€sentieren eines Pitch-Decks

Am Ende der Veranstaltung hast du die Möglichkeit, deine Idee vor einer Jury aus Expert*innen, TikTok-Vertreter*innen und dem Impact Hub Berlin-Team zu prÀsentieren und Preise zu gewinnen.

Bringe deine eigene Idee ein oder tritt einem Team bei!

Du bist herzlich eingeladen, deine eigenen Lösungen zu finden oder in einem kollaborativen Prozess gemeinsam mit den anderen Teilnehmenden völlig neue Ideen zu entwickeln. Wenn ihr ein gemeinsames Projekt habt, kommt gern mit euren Freund*innen! 💕

Wen suchen wir?

Wir suchen engagierte FLINTA* (Frauen, Lesben, inter, nicht-binÀre, trans* und agender Personen) & ALLIES, die digitale Lösungen im Bereich DiversitÀt, Teilhabe & Inklusion ausarbeiten wollen.

Wir wissen, dass echte VerĂ€nderung nicht in unserer eigenen Bubble stattfinden kann. Deshalb heißen wir JEDEN willkommen, der mit Leidenschaft einen positiven Einfluss auf unsere Gesellschaft ausĂŒben möchte.

Wir sind auf der Suche nach Ideen fĂŒr dich und deine Community. Lasst uns gemeinsam ĂŒberlegen, wie wir dafĂŒr sorgen können, dass sich alle Menschen gesehen und wertgeschĂ€tzt fĂŒhlen, unabhĂ€ngig davon, wer sie sind oder woher sie kommen. Deine Ideen können uns dabei helfen, eine Welt zu schaffen, in der jeder eine Chance hat, gesehen und einbezogen zu werden.

Im Mittelpunkt des Ideathons steht das Thema DiversitÀt, Teilhabe und Inklusion (DEI). Dein Projekte sollte eine digitale Komponente haben.

Preise đŸ’…đŸœ

Gewinne Preise im Wert von ĂŒber 6.000€!

  • 1. bis 3. Platz: Die ersten drei Teams gewinnen jeweils 1.000 €.
  • 4. und 5. Platz: Zwei Teams gewinnen je 500 €.
  • 6. bis 10. Platz: Workshop zu Content Creation mit TikTok
  • Publikums-Preis: Mental Health Coaching im Wert von 1.000€
  • Die 15 besten Teams haben die Möglichkeit, an einem Workshop teilzunehmen, um ihre Idee zu validieren.

Registriere dich, bevor die PlĂ€tze voll sind! 💜

Beeil dich und melde dich jetzt auf Eventbrite an, bevor die PlÀtze voll sind!

Du kannst uns auch auf TikTok schreiben, wenn du Fragen hast (( oder schicke eine E-Mail an [email protected]. Wir freuen uns darauf, von dir zu hören!

Empower Now unterstĂŒtzt in Partnerschaft mit TikTok junge FLINTA* (Frauen, Lesben, inter, nicht-binĂ€re, trans* und agender Personen) und VerbĂŒndete aus der DACH-Region dabei, unternehmerische Ideen zu entwickeln, die zu positiven VerĂ€nderungen auf systemischer Ebene fĂŒhren.

Pic credit Mike Hudema.

Impact Stories: Voices of Sustainable Food changemakers

Impact Stories: Voices of Sustainable Food changemakers

Impact Stories is Impact Hub Berlin’s monthly meetup to connect leading changemakers

We are excited to bring to you Impact Stories: Voices Changemakers

Every quarter, Impact Hub Berlin hosts a series of engaging evenings in our Impact Stories series. Picture this: two or three amazing changemakers from our community and beyond sharing their tales of impact. Leaving behind the traditional business pitches, we strive to open the stage for real, lived, and unique stories from our inspiring changemakers & impact innovators.

Each speaker will give a rapid 5-minute presentation, followed by an audience question round. The evening will wrap up with drinks and networking to give everyone an opportunity to connect with each other.

Join us to get inspired by the stories of impact changemakers and widen your network in Berlin!

đŸ„• May 30 – Impact Stories: Sustainable Food edition

Meet our speakers:

đŸŽ€ Lara Boye | ArtenglĂŒck is fostering biodiversity and sustainability through local conservation initiatives
đŸŽ€ Dr. Tavseef Mairaj Shah | CinSOIL enables agrifood sector to put more carbon where it belongs
đŸŽ€ Isabelle van Doorn | greenhub solutions is an indoor farming technology that make local food production a global reality

Bring your curiosity and questions and see you at Impact Hub Berlin! 👋

Can’t join this time? No worries, you can always come next time(s)!

August 29 – Impact Stories: Voices of Green Tech Changemakers
November 28 – Impact Stories: Voices of (TBA) Changemakers

âšĄïžStay tuned âšĄïž

Have any questions?

Please email: [email protected]

🚹PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a Google Calendar integration, it may show you an incorrect time. Please always use the time used in the event description.🚹

This is a barrier-free event.

Sign up to secure your spot! ✅

– —

About Impact Hub Berlin

This event is brought to you by Impact Hub Berlin – where change goes to work. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to be the first to hear about upcoming events.

Navigating Networking and Building Alliances for Female Founders

Join us & an engaged team of successful female founders & professionals to gain inspiration & actionable insights to leverage your networks.

What networks are crucial when starting-up? What strategies can help you build meaningful connections with industry leaders? How can you boost your networking skills to realize your business and professional goals?

Networking plays a critical role for the success of women in entrepreneurship and professional careers . While access to networks has increasingly been recognized as an important way to empower women and address inequalities in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, it is important to master your own style and strategy for networking in a male-dominated environment. Holding to some guiding principles from our guest keynote speaker and an inspiring team of female founders will help you grasp your networking skills and already practice the learnings in a safe and inclusive environment.

Join us alongside an engaged team of successful female founders and professionals to gain inspiration and actionable insights to build your strategies to leverage your networks – whether to find investors, assemble teams, or build your circle of allies for your business and ideas!

Through a keynote and three roundtables, connect with inspiring leaders and founders who will share their experiences, highs, lows and resilience stories! Ask them your burning questions in the round tables, discuss your ideas with like-minded peers and connect with supportive players from the Swiss start-up ecosystem during a networking brunch.


  • Keynote Speech
  • Roundtable Discussions: connect with successful female founders and professionals and ask your burning questions about their journeys, as well as about their own stories, and discuss with peers.
  • Facilitated networking & Apero

PME romandes : Relever le défi de la gestion de la matiÚre

PME romandes : Quelles opportunités pour faire face au défi de la gestion de la matiÚre ?

Parmi les nombreux enjeux de la transition, l’augmentation du prix des matiĂšres premiĂšres et les changements lĂ©gislatifs, notamment sur la gestion des dĂ©chets, amĂšnent leur lot de dĂ©fis et de pressions supplĂ©mentaires pour les PME romandes. Ces problĂ©matiques nĂ©cessitent de repenser les modĂšles d’affaires et de mener un travail de fond sur toute la chaĂźne de valeur. Il faut donc considĂ©rer les boucles dans un processus aujourd’hui encore trop linĂ©aire et penser la matiĂšre dans toute sa composition/montage et dĂ©composition/dĂ©montage pour que la rĂ©cupĂ©ration des matiĂšres entre dans une boucle circulaire.

Dans cette confĂ©rence-atelier, des experts du domaine feront un point sur la situation actuelle et donneront des pistes et des ressources concrĂštes pour une transition dĂ©risquĂ©e. Des intervenants et des PME partageront Ă©galement leurs propres expĂ©riences. Cet Ă©vĂ©nement fait partie du programme “PME de demain” portĂ© par Impact Hub et InTent (plus d’informations ci-dessous).

Programme: Le programme détaillé vous sera communiqué par la suite, il comprendra notamment :

  • La prĂ©sence d’experts des modĂšles circulaires et de la lĂ©gislation liĂ©e Ă  la gestion de la matiĂšre
  • L’intervention de PME qui partageront leurs expĂ©riences et leurs approches face Ă  ces dĂ©fis
  • Un court Ă©change sous la forme d’un atelier participatif, afin de prĂ©ciser les dĂ©fis en fonction du contexte et des particularitĂ©s des PME prĂ©sentes


L’entrĂ©e est payante. Les membres du programme et les partenaires bĂ©nĂ©ficient de tarifs et de conditions prĂ©fĂ©rentiels. RĂ©servez votre place dĂšs maintenant ici.

Tarif pour les externes : 85.-

Tarif pour les partenaires* et PME de moins de 20 collaborateurs : 50.-

Tarif pour les PME inscrites annuellement : gratuit (prix compris dans le forfait annuel)**

*Vous ĂȘtes partenaire si vous remplissez l’une des conditions suivantes:

  • Votre entreprise est membre de la CVCI, la FSE ou la Fablag
  • Vous souhaitez participer Ă  l’amĂ©lioration du programme en nous fournissant un feedback approfondi Ă  travers une sĂ©ance de 45min Ă  la suite des modules (Contactez-nous en cliquant ici pour devenir partenaire)

**Le forfait annuel vous permet d’accĂ©der Ă  tout le programme et de bĂ©nĂ©ficier de tous les avantages : 1000 CHF pour une participation jusqu’à deux collaborateurs, 2000 CHF jusqu’à 5 collaborateurs (Contactez-nous en cliquant ici pour trouver le forfait annuel adaptĂ© Ă  vos besoins)


*Qu’est-ce que le programme PME de demain ?

PME de demain est une sĂ©rie d’évĂ©nements thĂ©matiques proposĂ©e par Impact Hub et InTent. Il est destinĂ© aux entreprises romandes qui souhaitent s’informer sur les dĂ©fis et les opportunitĂ©s de la transition. Le programme est rĂ©alisĂ© en partenariat avec la Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l’industrie (CVC) et la FĂ©dĂ©ration Suisse des entreprises.

L’objectif de “PME de demain” est d’apporter une information aux PME romandes sur les questions de transition : pressions lĂ©gislatives, gestion de la matiĂšre, digitalisation et profession durable.

Avec ce programme en 5 Ă©vĂ©nements, les PME ont un accĂšs facilitĂ© aux ressources existantes, ainsi qu’aux informations spĂ©cifiques leur permettant de mieux comprendre les enjeux de la transition, ceci tout en se connectant Ă  leur rĂ©seau.

Plus d’informations sur :

Future Founders Day | 4th Edition

Are you an Impact Hub Founder to be? Then this event is for you! Join us and learn everything about bringing Impact Hub to your city!

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Future Founders Day – a free online event for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders ready to open an Impact Hub in their cities.

Impact Hub is a global network of over 25,000 individuals working together to drive positive change in 115+ locations worldwide. For more than 15 years, we have supported Impact Makers and cultivated valuable insights on how to build and operate businesses that prioritize our planet and its people. We are seeking aspiring founders who share our passion for creating a sustainable future and are interested in opening an Impact Hub in their city.

Join our Future Founders Day on February 29th, where we will provide you with all the essential information you need to kick-start your journey toward building a successful Impact Hub. During the event, you’ll gain an exclusive glimpse into the Impact Hub Business Model and Vision. You’ll also hear inspiring stories from successful Impact Hub co-founders who are making a real difference in their cities, and learn about the best practices for designing the physical space with the local community. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Welcome: Let’s get to know each other!
  • Insights: Impact Hub Network Vision and Business Model
  • Impact Hub Experiences: Gaia Montelatici, from Impact Hub Belgrade, and John-Paul Parmigiani, from Impact Hub New York and Metropolitan Area
  • Diving deep: Space Co-design, our best practices! with Duygu Vatan, IH Ankara co-founder
  • Questions and Closing

We are looking forward to seeing you on February 29th! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]